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Review: Just Dumb Enough

Just Dumb Enough

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Some things are no brainers. Like plunking down $2.99 for Just Dumb Enough. That’s less than your average Starbucks drink seasonal drink, and this purchase won’t make you fat. Even splurging on the paperback won’t set you back much more than a fast food combo ($7.99) and has no trans fats. Did I mention the proceeds go toward the Realm Makers Mobile Bookstore and Realm Makers scholarship fund?

But is it worth it? I mean in one hand is a book and the other a chestnut praline latte and you can only buy one. Well, yeah. Duh. Even if you’re a slow sipper, the book will last you longer. Although it is a novella, which isn’t a major time investment.

But we’re talking about pumpkin spice lattes. What’s better than that?

Well, it’s a book written by Morgan L. Busse, Kerry Nietz, John W. Otte, Steve Rzasa, Marc Schooley, Stuart Vaughn Stockton, and Jill Williamson. If you’re a NAF regular, you know this is the spec fiction equivalent (two players short) of an MLB All-Star team. If you’re new to the whole spec fiction world, trust me, if you’ve not read any of these authors, you’re seriously deprived. Just Dumb Enough is a good introduction to these authors.

But what is it about? Think Monty Python and the Holy Grail or The Princess Bride. A group of misfits (all with ulterior motives) meet up in the requisite dingy pub with a map and a quasi-insane scheme to complete an impossible quest. What could possibly go wrong? It’s an exciting adventure with a solid dose of humor.

What is your favorite quest movie or book?


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