For Fans of Adventure

Let me kick things off by saying that I’m very excited to be joining the New Author’s Fellowship. I’ve known several of the contributors here for the past couple years, and I’m looking forward to being on this team.

As I’ve been thinking about this first post, I keep picturing it a bit like introducing myself to someone new:

Oh, hey. There they are. Over by the punch bowl. Does my breath stink? *sniff* Ok. Here we go. I’m going in. Do I open with a joke? Talk about my family first? Maybe I should open with a story. An epic tale of danger and love and heroic characters! Oh gosh, I’m almost there. When did my palms get so sweaty? Wait a second. I got this.

“Hi. I’m Josh, and I am a fan of adventure.”

When I was in middle school, I started reading the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. Redwall tells the many tales of Redwall Abbey and the mice, squirrels, moles, rabbits, badgers, and hedgehogs who keep the forests of Mossflower safe. I’d never read anything like it. Selfless heroes. Battles. Redemption. Bravery. These books instilled in me a love for adventure. And from those adventures on, I’ve been hooked on story.

Story captures you and doesn’t let go. Think about the last good book you read. Did it keep you up until 2:00am? Did it change how you view the world? Did you start seeing orcs in the tree lines, or fairies in gardens? Did you babble to your friends trying to explain those two characters that each held a missing piece to the plot, but they’re too stubborn to trust each other (I’m looking at you Shallan and Kaladin – Stormlight archive).

Story stirs your imagination. You’d never know the wonder of Narnia, or the danger of Mordor without the adventures of some kids, a few hobbits, and a couple surly dwarves. Story takes you alongside heroes who strive for virtue, you face down villains who want to see the world burn, and you see that redemption waits on the other side of every failure. From Redwall’s “deeper’n’ever turnip’n’tater pie” to Harry Potter’s chocolate frogs and butter better, adventure introduces you to foods you never knew existed, but now need to taste. You meet dragons, gryphons, and satyrs, and marvel at the statues of kings long dead.

I write stories because adventure burns inside me. I write stories to explore the infinitely creative nature of God. I write stories because they’re so much fun (a lot of work, but so much fun). Being a part of the New Authors Fellowship is a way for me to share my passion for story. I’m so glad to have you on this adventure with me.

What’s your favorite part about a good story? Are you a fan of adventure? Is there a scene from a particular scene in a book that stirred your soul? Or maybe there’s a character who frustrated you to no end. Post a comment below. I’d love to hear what drives your imagination.


3 comments on “For Fans of Adventure

  1. It’ll be fun to see what you write about over the course of the year! Or until you get a book published. 😉

  2. You drag me into those dragon lairs every now and then. Thanks for that. The adventures I write are much tamer, but still fun.

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