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Have you ever gone through a time in your life when your future seemed to be completely up in the air, when all your well laid plans dissolved into nothing, and hope seemed more than a little elusive?

I think we’ve all been there at some point.


I’ve noticed, in my own life, that if I’m not feeding my mind and heart with truth, then I’m going to start believing lies.

Lies like:

I’m all alone.

I’m a failure.

I’m not strong enough, pretty enough, smart enough, confident enough.

I’m just not enough. (None of us are enough, but we have a Father who is.)

The list could go on and on.

Dr. Bill Thrasher, an author and professor at Moody Bible Institute, shared a fantastic chart dealing with some of the lies we construct about ourselves versus what God says to be true.


Did any of these ring as true for you as they did for me?

It’s eye opening isn’t it?

The one thing I’ve found to be true whenever I’m facing these lies is that they can only be combated with the Word. God’s word is the only truth powerful enough to ultimately destroy them.

Pastor Bob Jennings said that the Word is like a love letter sent from a husband to his wife while he’s away. What would the husband feel like if, when he returns, he finds his letter only half read?


Photo credit – nhienan.deviantart.

One thing I’m going to start is to every week take a portion of Scripture and memorize it, and not just memorize it but meditate on it.

I want to know the Word so much better and more deeply than I do now. I want to know the One who wrote it so much more deeply than I do now. Life is about so much more than all of the things I worry about!

“To love you as I should, I must worship God as Creator. When I have learnt to love God better than my earthly dearest, I shall love my earthly dearest better than I do now. In so far as I learn to love my earthly dearest at the expense of God and instead of God, I shall be moving towards the state in which I shall not love my earthly dearest t all. When first things are put first, second things are not suppressed but increased.”

― C.S. Lewis, Letters of C. S. Lewis

How can I pray for you this week?







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