The Most Important Moment 

Jason Joyner, Mary Weber, me, Peter Leavell

There were so many fun, crazy, touching, and important moments that happened at Realm Makers this year it should have been hard picking just one.

I mean I took took a call from my husband (who was trying to find me) just as I was about to meet Ted Dekker. Perfect timing! My kids got to meet him too!

Being the volunteer coordinator made the conference. My volunteers were amazing! They were eager to help and made sure they were doing a great job. So many times God answered prayers. One volunteer wanted to change time slots to help a fellow attendee. Minutes later a volunteer posted he was arriving early and wanted to help!

I got to meet Jim Rubart, whose books never fail to inspire me. I went in to say, “hi” to Steve Laube, and we ended up talking about theology and the grocery industry. Two years ago, I would have been too timid to approach either one of these men.

There was that slightly embarrassing time Mary Weber recognized me before I recognized her. I might have fangirled just a bit!

But the moment was an entirely different experience with Mary Weber. She, Peter Leavell, Jason Joyner, and I started talking at the end of the day. We’re all about the same age with kids in the same age range (tweens & teens). Mary and Peter were discussing writing and the importance of involving family in the process of being published.

It was an aspect I hadn’t thought about and frankly assumed I wouldn’t. I don’t with my day job. I take on projects and “make it work”. That brief conversation really made me think.

If you’ve attended a conference, what was “that one moment” that seared into your mind?

About Gretchen E K Engel

Chemical engineer by day, spec fiction writer by night

6 comments on “The Most Important Moment 

  1. Getting to chat with you made the trip!!!

  2. Interesting. I never considered involving my family in my publishing journey either, apart from news updates. What does “involving family in the process of being published” look like?

    • The conversation centered around the schedule and pace of book releases. It wasn’t something I thought about either. For the most part, I take work assignments as they come and adjust our schedules. I assumed I’d do the same with book contracts. It definitely gave me food for thought.

  3. Gretchen,

    Are you the author of the book on Anticosti….Though Memory Play Me False, if so, please contact me. jmct47@bell.net

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