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Wednesday Inspiration

So, this week is my first week of working full-time at my job. It’s been sort of a crazy week so far because I’ve been transferred to a different branch.

I think I could use one of these right about now…


I’m hoping to get into a steady writing routine as soon as possible! I haven’t made it to that coffee shop yet, but soon, definitely soon.

Also, I’m totally starting to feel the RM withdrawals. I’m going to miss everyone so much this year! Maybe I can meet up with some of you between this year and next. Ideas, anyone? 🙂

Because this week has been a bit crazy, I thought I’d share some more inspirational pics and quotes to get us through the rest of our work week. 🙂

“Dreams can be dangerous things.”
Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel

Photo credit – Sylar113


“Yeah, but broken isn’t the same as unfixable.”
Marissa Meyer, Winter

Photo credit – Destiny Blue


“Eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably.”
C.S. Lewis


Ok, so how are you doing this week? Are you going to Realm Makers this year? Are you staying home?

How can I pray for you?

I hope you guys have an awesome rest of the week!

Press on and keep writing!



About Brittany Valentine

Saved by grace, sibling one of eight, part-timer by day, speculative fiction writer by night. Working on a series called The Chronicles of Aura.

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