Realm Makers 2017 and Hard Decisions


So, I finally decided.

I won’t be going to Realm Makers this year. Sobs and grabs box of tissues.

This was such a hard decision, and one I’ve put off for as long as possible. I love this conference! I love my fellow conference attendees, the teachers, the bookstore, and of course the Nerf war. 🙂

This is how I see the Nerf war going this year:

Quite a few unexpected things have come up this year, so I finally made the decision to sit this one out. I’m going to miss everyone so much! I’ll try to live vicariously as I stalk everyone on social media. 😉

To make up for not being able to go this year, I’m planning a smaller trip to Nashville with my siblings and Rosalie Valentine. We’ll try to find some writing inspiration as we go sightseeing and hit up the local coffee shops. I’ll be posting pics in another post!

On the bright side, not going this year gives me plenty of time to figure out my costume for Realm Makers 2018. 🙂

Again, I will miss everyone!




About Britta Valentine

saved by grace, writer of young adult fiction, and drinker of copious amounts of coffee

11 comments on “Realm Makers 2017 and Hard Decisions

  1. I can so relate, Brittany! I have been brainstorming costumes ideas for next year too. Lord-willing we will both be there in 2018! 😀

  2. Aww! We’ll miss you, Brittany!

  3. I can’t go, either, so I feel your pain. Maybe someday!

  4. We’ll miss you, Rosalie!!

  5. I’m going for the first time ever this year and am pretty excited! Sad you won’t be able to make it. Tips for a newbie?

    • So glad you get to go this year!
      I’d say just relax, and enjoy your time. Don’t feel too much pressure. 🙂
      Everyone is so friendly. Once you get there you’ll feel like you’re meeting up with old friends.
      Have an amazing time!

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