A Twist of Fate


The other week I wrote about how I believe in “luck” under the mathematical terms of random numbers and probability. The example I gave was how I run to praise music and whether or not God overrode the random number algorithm on my phone to “choose” the songs I needed to hear.

Well, God wanted to teach me a lesson. He is in control*. I went for a run and had an odd sense of something’s not right deja vu. I understand random numbers, probability, and how many songs I have on my play list (about 2.5 hours or enough songs to run a half marathon). About three songs into my run, I thought, “odd, these songs are all by Bleach. Are they the first alphabetically. And now Carolyn Arends. Hmm. I remember this song playing about the same place on my last run. What are the odds that I’m hearing the same songs again?” I had a pretty good guess.

I returned home and checked my phone. Sure enough. Shuffle had been clicked off on my app!

Thursday night we had our leadership meeting where our pastor discusses what we studied the previous month. You guessed it, our lesson was on providence! I’m going to be honest. How much we have free will versus God having complete control is something I’ll never fully understand. It might perplex me even more than the Trinity. I have to chalk it up as one of those things we’re not meant to fully comprehend.

And I’ve had plenty of time to ponder such questions. First 5-mile run of the year.

What mind-boggling concept do you hope to comprehend when you meet God in eternity?

* The title “A Twist of Fate” was used ironically to show that we don’t have to live with a fatalistic view but rather in the hope that God is in control.

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Chemical engineer by day, spec fiction writer by night

3 comments on “A Twist of Fate

  1. I get it. I’m re-reading Romans. Am curious: how much does free will affect our election vs. being pre-chosen? My pride wants mevto say free will and God doesn’t fashion human robots. Whatever the truth, I’m grateful to know and love Him. It’s not a deal breaker. I still wonder. About that and lots of other things. We serve an awesome God whose ways are not our ways, whose thoughts are not our thoughts. That reminder helps when I get a headache trying to pin it all down. 🤔

  2. […] few weeks ago a pair of posts about random versus God-controlled. Once again God proved He can override (or at least work with) the random algorithm in iTunes. The […]

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