You wouldn’t wear your favorite jogging outfit to an important interview, right? Right!
You wouldn’t because you know that first impressions are important, and you know that in the business world you may never get the chance to make a second.


Note: If you really want to dress as Batman, I guess that’s alright. 😉

Why should our first writing impression be any different?

When I first started to really pursue writing I knew absolutely nothing about formatting.
I also knew not that I knew not. Honestly, formatting a manuscript on Word isn’t difficult. It’s actually pretty simple. You just have to know what to do.

I recently had someone, who is just starting out on the writing journey, ask me about formatting. I sent him this video by Jill Williamson. She does a fantastic job of explaining formatting in a simple way, which even tech illiterate people like me can understand.


Hope this is as helpful for you as it was for me!


About Britta Valentine

saved by grace, writer of young adult fiction, and drinker of copious amounts of coffee

4 comments on “Formatting

  1. Thank you, Brittany! I appreciate you sharing this video by Jill because I found it incredibly helpful.

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