A New Tradition, or Inducting a New Member to the Cult


For me the most exciting football game was October 31. That’s when my son’s sixth grade football team won the championship. My alma mater is known for putting men on the moon not championship banners in our football stadium. My NFL team didn’t make the playoffs.

I own few DVDs. Little Women, Anne of Green Gables series (one of my Christmas gifts), a Christmas Story, and The Princess Bride. The other day my daughter asked me when we could watch The Princess Bride. I proposed watching it during the Super Bowl. Win!

Watching one of my favorite movies instead of the Super Bowl. Score! I did pause it to watch the halftime show. I admit to being a Lady GaGa fan (ducks) and enjoyed it, apolitical, not too racy, and good music.

The funny thing about The Princess Bride is that we got the VHS tape not long after it was released in 1988. At the time, it was a movie I enjoyed and had no idea that it would become a cult classic. I’m glad it has. I can bid a fellow fan farewell with, “have fun storming the castle” or subtly correct a malapropism with, “that word, I do not think it means what you think.”

There are other movies that have become cult classics that I enjoyed beyond them being “a thing” – A Christmas Story was one of the few movies my family saw in the theater. “The line stretched from here to Terre Haute” holds extra humor since I was born and raised there. My family traveled a lot, so the National Lampoons Vacation movies have always been favorites. I loved The Goonies mostly because of my crush on Sean Astin. I watched it a lot throughout my teens. It wasn’t until Facebook that I realized a lot of people loved that movie, enough that “Teen Titans Go” spoofed the movie and Lego is introducing a Goonies set. (Squee!) Monty Python and the Holy Grail, “Firefly”, and “Lost” are some of my other favorite cult classics. As for Napoleon Dynamite  or Elf, not sure I get the love, but to each his own.

Little Miss liked the movie, so now I have a buddy to join me when I want to enjoy pirates, evil kings, and true love, because we know it’s really about a kissing book.

What is your favorite cult classic? What is your go-to movie or TV show?


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2 comments on “A New Tradition, or Inducting a New Member to the Cult

  1. Have you read the book? It’s a little different but just as fun and “classic”.
    Hmm, my go-to TV shows are Boy Meets World and Friends. I know the second one has some not-so-great stuff but it’s got a lot of hilarious to balance it and I love quoting it. I also love the ABC TV show The Neighbors which was sadly canceled after two seasons.
    Not sure which movies are my favorite cult classics. We like a lot of movies and I’m a big rewatcher. Oh! We introduced our daughter to Independence Day last Friday night. That’s a good one.

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