Going (to) Rogue One


GEKE last year at  opening night of The Force Awakens

We’re a Star Wars kind of family. Last year we ventured out to the late showing (on a school night) for The Force Awakens. This year we opted for the 5:00 p.m. show, a perfect time. The show wasn’t a matinee, so no big families taking up whole aisles but also not late where the theatre would be full of teens and couples enjoying a Saturday night. It only cost us $4 more since at our local theatre, kids 12 & under are the same price for all shows. It’s not like our family goes to a lot of movies. I took the kids to a matinee of Fantastic Beasts last week, before that, I don’t think we’d been to the movies since last year for The Force Awakens.

What did I think?

First, here are my spoilers: No, yes, off-screen. I’ll post the questions below (they’re not very spoiler-y).

It was good. Very good. The best part is that the movie got better and better.

My honest assessment: I put it right where it falls, between 1-3 and 4-7 (chronological numbering). My overall rank of the movies is: #6, #4, #5, #7, #8, #3, #1, #2. It’s closer in feel to 4-7, especially #7.

The Best Parts

Michael Giacchino. I’m a HUGE “Lost” fan and loved the music. Giacchino doesn’t disappoint, and the music is infused with a lot of John Williams’s original score.

K-2SO because Alan Tudyk. I’m also a “Firefly” fan. The droid adds great comic relief. If BB8 is the new R2D2, K-2SO is the new C3PO.

The film itself is really good, and if I hadn’t grown up with the original three films, would have loved it more. However, knowing this is an “intertestamental” film (comes between the “old testament” and “new testament”), I kept looking for younger versions of familiar characters. It’s a completely new film. Don’t expect a “pre-union”, which of course follows canon, so I should have known better.

The few cameos there are.

The battle scenes. Exciting and emotional.

Jyn and Cassian’s story arcs. Love. Just love.

The ending.

The Not-So-Much Parts

The beginning is a bit slow. I found it to be a combination of “we’ve seen this trope before” paired with “can I bond with these characters?”, which I found a bit frustrating. However, the overlying plot of the story paired with some great supporting characters pushed the story along until the roller-coaster climbed up the hill and released. After that, I was all in, hands in the air.

Answers (or rather questions) to my spoilers:

Opening crawl – no. It’s a different beginning, and I believe this is common knowledge.

“I have a bad feeling about this” – it’s in there.

Amputations – none onscreen but at least two characters are amputees.

The last one is an in-joke with my son about all of the characters who lose limbs throughout the franchise.

Overall – it’s a great film and is well worth seeing in the theatre.



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3 comments on “Going (to) Rogue One

  1. Gretchen, it is so interesting how different people can see the same thing differently. I loved the beginning, loved seeing a look at what it really was like to live uncer the oppression of the Empire, was really looking forward to a movie that focused on the behind the scenes type action (spy type stuff) and was disappointed it ended up in a battle that mirrored other battles Star Wars had already shown. I also thought the way the character arcs terminated (not trying to give away too much here) proved to be overly melodramatic and did not really make sense, tactically speaking.

    So I would say the move started out excellent and went downhill towards the conclusion…though I wiould agree that overall it was a good movie. (The one great scene towards the end eas the Vader in action part…but I was actually imagining there would be a lot more of him acting than what was actually shown.)

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