Have a Yourself a Geeky Little Christmas

Okay I admit to watching the Netflix “Gilmore Girls – A Year in the Life” just like every other latte drinking, leggings and shearling boots wearing white girl. However, what I’m really excited about are the geek-worthy movies because I’m the girl who was standing in line at Victoria’s Secret on Black Friday with her earbuds in listening to a Harry Dresden book. Fool Moon in case you were curious.

I’m going to see Dr. Strange with a friend who is way too scarily like me. She also happens to be a November, so it’s a belated girls night out birthday celebration.

Our family is going to see not one but two movies in December: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Rogue One. This may not sound like a big deal, but we’re a family who rarely sees one movie in the theatre each year. Granted our kids are getting older so we have more options of “theatre worthy” options.

And for once I’m ahead of the game. Thank you non-procrastinating husband and in-laws who watched the kids. We left Thanksgiving day for Phoenix. I found out Toys R Us was open until midnight, and then we discovered a Bath and Body Works (also open until midnight) that’s tucked away in a not very busy location. Black Friday we hit several other stores. I’m not a fan of Black Friday shopping, but we did well. If you wait until late morning to start and avoid Kohl’s, Victoria’s Secret (see above), and wild goose chases it’s not too stressful. It goes without saying, but we stayed far, far away from Walmart and didn’t hit Target until mid-afternoon when it wasn’t even crowded.

We wrapped all of our presents (except the small handful we still need to buy), my husband did most of our cards, and our house is decorated.

Now it’s time to grab a latte (not pumpkin spice, I’m not that much of a stereotype) and get to work on NaNoWriMo, which is also in good shape thanks to two long car rides.

What movies are are on your “must see” list?


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4 comments on “Have a Yourself a Geeky Little Christmas

  1. Already saw Fantastic Beasts. Not sure if we’ll watch Rogue in theaters or wait for DVD. And I watched Winter & Spring of Gilmore Girls Saturday night – still have to watch the last two soon. (I also committed sacrilege and watched them while drinking a pot of tea instead of coffee. lol)

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