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Hair of the Dog Part 2 (Or Gift Ideas for Realmies Suffering Withdrawals)

img_4808We’re not even halfway to Realm Makers 2017 but we are approaching the Christmas season, so what better way to help Realmies with withdrawals and provide gift ideas? So there’s that saying the cure for a hangover is the hair of the dog that bit you. Realm Makers is the dog and there’s a lot of hair (fantastic Realm Makers related items).

Since there were a lot of items, I broke this into two posts. Last week was for freebies. Today is my list of things you can buy for your favorite spec fiction writer without having to battle crowds. Think Geek only has so many items…



Looking for writing software? Word works well but my favorite is Scrivener. It’s designed to work within the Apple ecosystem but I’m a PC user for computers but iOS for mobile devices. Scrivener for Mac or PC is $40 and the iOS app is $19.99. Scrivener for PC or Mac is $20 for NaNoWriMo winners. There’s no special for the iOS app. However, bought it the day it released, and it’s worth every cent!


If you’re looking for some good books, check out the Pinterest page for books written by Realm Makers.

Remember there’s the Realmscapes anthology. All proceeds go towards scholarships to Realm Makers. My short story, “Undermined” is one of the stories in it. I have read the entire anthology. They span the range of speculative fiction and all of the stories are great.



I highly recommend the audio recordings of Realm Makers 2016. I purchased the series and listened to several of them. You can purchase all 30 hours of audio or buy a few a la carte. The recordings for Realm Makers 2015 are also available for purchase. They’re available here.

For listening to great audio books, an Audible account is always a great option. Check out the Realm Makers bibliography for titles that might also be available in audio book.


Jeff Gerke, one of Realm Maker’s past instructors recently released a video series. I’ve sat in on several of his writing sessions, and he’s an excellent teacher. A link to his courses are here. Right now there’s a welcome special of 75% off. It’s $49 for 7.5 hours of courses, which is slightly more than what I paid for an early bird session with Jeff that was only 2-3 hours.

And there’s the obvious. Ask friends and family for $$ to attend Realm Makers 2017 in Reno. Registration doesn’t open for a while, but it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead.

Which of these items is at the top of your Christmas list?

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