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A Sucker for Bloodsuckers

Houses of the Dead cover

I love vampire stories from Bram Stoker and Anne Rice to the sparkly ones. Blood Mercy: Thicker than Water is no exception. What I loved about Blood Mercy: Thicker than Water is that it’s not a traditional vampire origin story. Rather than being created by a vampire, the Blood Kind have a disease, the blood curse. They have the tendency to turn to vampirism but it’s a choice. There are a lot of metaphors that can be drawn from this. It also makes the Blood Kind like Melrose, Zuri, and Akira sympathetic characters and the vampires like Jean-Claude and Conan so much more villainous. They chose the vampire life and are determined to draw in others.

One of the questions Janeen and Julia posed was this one.

How would you react if you discovered you had increased longevity (non-aging) and a ‘superpower’, but it meant you had an incurable health condition that could kill you at any time?

From Janeen and Julia: The answer to this question is what led to different Houses of the Dead, as people formed tribes with others who shared their views.

A summary of these views is listed in the front of the book, which I thought was a cool feature.

My answer to this question. How would I react?

First I’d be a bit disappointed. Why couldn’t I have had this condition back in my twenties rather than my forties. If I were say about 23, I’d still have an enviably flat stomach, no stretch marks, and no forehead wrinkles.

But if it happened today, how would I react? I’d be curious about my super-power. The one I’d first pick would be to slow time but that’s a given with the whole anti-aging thing. So I’d pick superior vision. Another thing that would have been a given back in my twenties before I needed glasses or contacts.

Okay so I’m now a non-aging, fortysomething with super-vision. Sweet. Oh wait, I can die at any moment because the condition that gave me anti-aging also made me physically fragile. Wow! I’m someone who eats right and exercises, so if I could live a long time or die tomorrow, I’d kind of want to go for the marathon and continue my healthy lifestyle because I don’t want to be a dumpy out of shape 200-year old.

I think if I knew there was a high likelihood I would die soon, I’d make sure to spend time with my family and do as much as possible. I’m a practical person so I’d continue working and going on with my life.

The more I thought about this question the more I thought about reality. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. We’re like the Blood Kind without the superpowers. It really made me think. I need to live like tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

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Author Bio: Janeen Ippolito is an idea-charged teacher, reader, writer, book reviewer, and the Fearless Leader of Uncommon Universes Press. She writes nonfiction writing help and speculative fiction laced with horror, humor, and cultural tension. Her co-written illustrated novella, Blood Mercy: Thicker Than Water, releases on October 29th.  In her nonexistent spare time she reads, cooks, and sword-fights. Two of her dreams are to eat a fried tarantula and to travel to Antarctica. Go to janeenippolito.com for world-building resources and off-the-wall insights from this sleep-deprived author.


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Julia Busko


Author Bio: Julia Busko (like “bus” and “co.”) is an illustrator, designer, writer, and the Elusive Unicorn (art director) of Uncommon Universes Press.  In addition to co-writing with Janeen Ippolito, Julia has created book covers, made logos and t-shirt designs, and is planning a series of steampunk fairy tale picture books. In her spare time she dances with a local company and watches documentaries and horror movies. She strives for art filled with creative wonder and the beauty inherent in tragedy. Go to juliabusko.com to dive into a world of remarkable visions and artistic musings.


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