Blood and Bandanas

“Is that blood?”


I looked at my sister. My family had been doctoring Jake’s hoof for the last week. The medicine, the kind you sprayed straight onto the wound, usually came in a blue color. Surely all that red on his leg wasn’t blood. Surely it was medicine.

Jess paled. She shook her head and ducked under the fence.

My heart pounded as I followed her. We usually doctored the horse’s hoof later in the afternoon. We had only come out early because Cecilia, my little sister, had seen one of our other horses standing outside of the pen.

We walked up to him. Blood, bright and glossy, was pouring down Jake’s front leg. My stomach turned. Oh no, Oh no. I’m not so good in these sort of situations. We bent down and tried to find the source of the blood. There was so much of it we couldn’t even see the cut clearly.

“I’m going to find something to wrap it with,” I said. Jess nodded. It was better for me to run for the wraps. Jess is usually way calmer in these sort of situations and that’s what Jake needed at the moment. I raced back to the house and started pulling old t-shirts from the dresser in my parents’ room. “Call Dad. Jake’s really hurt,” I called out on my way back through the living room. My mom grabbed the phone. I didn’t wait for her to make the call.

When I made it back, Jess was speaking softly to Jake, while stroking his neck. He seemed pretty calm but the blood was still flowing. Jess helped me wrap the shirts around his leg. Blood soaked through the first then the second. “I think we need to tie something above the cut to slow the bleeding,” Jess said. “It’s going to be ok,” she added before ducking back under the fence.

I nodded, while keeping pressure on the makeshift bandage. My sister knew I was struggling to stay calm. I felt bad. Even though I was the older sister, she was the one keeping her head on straight.

A minute later Jess returned with a bandana. She frowned as she tied it tightly around his upper leg, while I continued to keep pressure on the main wound. We grabbed another t-shirt and wrapped the lower part of his leg. It was hard to tell which was coagulated blood and which was damage, but the bleeding slowed. It was working.

Dad arrived shortly after. About an hour later we had his leg cleaned, medicated, and bandaged. Once we had washed away the blood, there only seemed to be one major cut. With lots of ointment and frequent bandage changes, Jake should be just fine.

When my little sister first told me that the horse had gotten out, my first response was to be a little annoyed. Oh, great. Now we have to catch him, and find out where he broke through. But if the other horse hadn’t escaped, we would never have gone out so early. Jake’s bleeding would have been a lot worse by then, and who knows in what condition we might have found him. In retrospect we were really grateful. I think what I got out of today’s little adventure is that God orchestrates all things, even the little things, like a horse escaping his pen.


About Brittany Valentine

Saved by grace, sibling one of eight, part-timer by day, speculative fiction writer by night. Working on a series called The Chronicles of Aura.

6 comments on “Blood and Bandanas

  1. Eeek. I hope Jake is doing OK and his leg is healing now….

    • He’s doing really well. We changed the bandages again today and the cut looked so much better than yesterday even. We’re really grateful.

  2. I’m glad you got the bleeding stopped!

    Sometimes what looks like a huge inconvenience turns out to be a divine appointment! While I wouldn’t wish an equine escape artist on anyone, I’m glad you were alerted that there was trouble in time to save Jake.

    • Me too! I’m sure there have been many divine appointments in my life that I haven’t even been aware of. This was a really good reminder for me. 🙂

  3. And only He knows all the other things we are never even aware of due to His intervention! This is why I try to never be impatient in traffic or when suffering an inconvenience. We never know when it may be God interceding for our benefit!

    • This really was such a great reminder. I tend to be impatient about a lot of things, but God’s timing is so perfect!

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