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Don’t Stay Home


Sign by Avily Jerome

Life’s too short to watch Presidential debates. That’s always been my philosophy. In the past it’s worked. I knew who I was going to vote for at the end of the primary. My thoughts on the opposing party’s candidates have always made it easy to cheer on and campaign for my candidate.

This year, I’m in the middle of plotting my newest story so that it’s ready to write for NaNoWriMo so that’s even more the case this year. Except I’m not thrilled with my party’s candidate, and I feel a bit cheated.

I think this puts me with the majority of Americans this election year. But I will be voting, and if you care about the morals and values of this country, you should too. I’m not talking about the Presidential race. For that one if you’re not thrilled with your candidate, you can hold your nose, vote third party, write in, leave it blank, whatever.

What you need to do is make sure you vote for the other candidates, especially Senators and Representatives. They’re the last defense against the President taking the country in the wrong direction.

Now more than ever we need people in Congress with strong moral stances who will be willing to make the difficult choices. People willing to stand up to the President despite opposition and ridicule. Research the candidates and where they stand and go vote!

And because this is a writing site and not a political one, we encourage creativity. For President, I’m strongly considering voting for Yridessa the Dragon. She’s got a pretty compelling campaign video. That or I’ll move to to Pie Town and take over the world with Dean Winchester. Pie for all!


Photo by Gretchen E.K. Engel


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