Exercising GEKE Style

Photo by Gretchen EK Engel

I’m up for anything that will get me and/or my family moving.
We’ve been wanting to take our kids geocaching. My daughter went with her grandparents and had fun. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’m sure we’ll end up doing it a few times this summer and fall.

This week social media was buzzing about an app that encourages a different kind of hunt. Pokemon Go! My kids and I have had fun this weekend playing it. It has kept them occupied at Walmart, helped them move on a lazy afternoon, and fostered cooperation as well as competition. And it’s free although I can see us spending a little bit of money on in app purchases (only a couple of dollars because I’m cheap).

I love how Pokemon go forces you to move and explore. And you can take cute pictures like the one of this pink guy above.

How do you motivate yourself and your family to move?


About Gretchen E K Engel

Chemical engineer by day, spec fiction writer by night

2 comments on “Exercising GEKE Style

  1. Gretchen, the one concern I have with Pokemon Go is the way that it allows criminals to forecast where potentially vulnerable people will be, especially if their phone’s location is being broadcasted in/by the game.

    I don’t know if you’ve seen this article yet? http://gizmodo.com/armed-robbers-used-pokemon-go-to-find-9-victims-1783416898?

    I’d encourage you to have a talk with your kids about safety and phones, and double-check the settings to be sure their phones aren’t broadcasting their location.

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