Packing For Your Writing Conference

We have about seven weeks until Realm Makers.

That’s a scary and exciting thought. Is anyone else still trying to pull everything together for the pitching sessions? Yeah, me too.

luggage stuffing

Is anyone else starting to pack? Ok, I’m not necessarily packing right now but I am getting some of my stuff together. On that note, here are ten things you might want to pack for RM this year or any other conference you may be going to:

1.) Business Cards
Don’t forget your business cards! They come in extremely handy after the conference when trying to connect with the other writers, editors, and agents you’ve just met.

2.) A Notebook
I love taking notes, even though I have horrible handwriting. I always feel like it’s a win if I can actually read my notes when I get home. Also, taking notes really helps me to process what I’m hearing.

3.) Comfy Shoes
Comfy shoes are a must! You don’t want to be thinking about how much your feet hurt when you could be focusing on all the great things going on around you. I learned this the hard way a few years ago. :/

4.) Your Proposal
If you plan on pitching during the conference, make sure you read up on what each editor/agent is asking for.

5.) Snacks
These come in handy for those nights when you stay up talking to your roommates until two in the morning. 😉

6.) Your Costume
You already have yours finished, don’t you? I’m almost there!

7.) Extra Cash
Don’t forget about the bookstore! I didn’t bring enough funds last year to purchase as many books as I would have liked. I hear Kat Heckenbach is bringing wizard wands this year too!

8.) Nerf Guns
You knew there was a Nerf war, right? You might want to bring more than one too. Last year mine broke. Thank goodness Amy Brock McNew brought enough weapons to stave off a zombie apocalypse!

9.) Breath Mints
I probably don’t need to elaborate on this one. I’m a coffee drinker. Mints are a must.

10.) Don’t Forget
Don’t forget to pack your phone charger, laptop charger, etc.

What is a must on your packing list?



About Britta Valentine

saved by grace, writer of young adult fiction, and drinker of copious amounts of coffee

6 comments on “Packing For Your Writing Conference

  1. Pens! Pens. Pens, pens, pens! Specifically, Pilot G-2 07 fine tip pens. Must have the pens! And a water bottle. It gets dry in conference centers with the air conditioning blasting.

    • Yes! (Searches for favorite Sharpie pens)
      I didn’t think about bringing a water bottle. I’ll have to add that one to my list.

  2. Excellent list, Brittany!!!

    And books! Bring any books you want signed!!!

  3. Sweaters! Villanova’s pretty good, but conference meeting rooms are often chilly.

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