I Have My Reasons

MeBeforeYouI read Me Before You last summer. It broke me. I wanted to throw my Kindle across the room or cry. So naturally I want to see the movie. Why?

Because this movie makes me want to save lives. Because people need to know their lives are worth living. Because suicide (whether assisted or by one’s own hand) is never the answer.

This blogger is a quadriplegic who thinks Me Before You is worth watching. And I agree with many of her reasons.

If you want compelling reasons to not see this movie, Joni Earickson Tada (who is someone I very much admire) and this young girl have great posts. There are a whole lot of reasons why I wouldn’t want to see this movie. The same reasons why I want to see it and then some.

If you’re a friend of mine, you probably know the series I’m writing centers on two people not unlike Louisa and Will in Me Before You. My hero is a paraplegic who is temporarily healed. My heroine is obsessed with physical perfection who meets her ideal man not knowing about his past or future.

Me Before you (the book and movie) is supposed to be accurate about the physical difficulties Will, the hero, endures. I’ve done quite a bit of research into spinal cord injuries so I was glad to know this.

Another positive of watching this movie from an objective point of view is that it brings up great points of discussion from disparate groups. Those who believe in the sanctity of life from cradle to grave. Those who are disability advocates who see the movie as demeaning by deeming someone’s life not worth living. Those who are frustrated at how the disabled are viewed in our society as a whole.

Lastly, I want to see it because I need a good cry. Only two other movies made me cry. One was Dead Poets’ SocietyMe Before You will make me weep for the same reason, the loss of a beautiful and desperate person, because suicide is never the answer.

Do you want to see this movie?

Have you ever watched a controversial movie? If so, why?

NOTE: I will more than likely wait until the movie is on DVD because I rarely see movies in the theatre.


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10 comments on “I Have My Reasons

  1. It has definitely brought a lot of attention to the disabled community and a lot of discussion regarding sanctity of life. I’m trying to think if I have seen any controversial movies and I’m drawing a blank. But then, even Harry Potter & Twilight are controversial in some circles…

  2. I am frankly disturbed that you “need a good cry” and are going to use the story of a disabled man killing himself to get it.

    We aren’t monkeys there to provide you with emotion on demand.

  3. This is the first I’ve heard of Me Before You.
    I think many who’ve actually had to deal with the aftermath of a suicide (or even attempted suicide) of someone close to them would find little catharsis in re-opening old wounds with such a presentation.
    Pass on both book and movie.

    • I would think so too. It’s not something I’ve experienced firsthand but have close friends who have.

      • You never really get over any loss of a close one, but with a suicide, it seems so much more difficult. Part of you feels compassion, pity, but a bigger part floods with confusion, guilt, betrayal, anger, and hundreds of conflicting feelings you can’t even name. When you think you’ve put it behind you, when you think it’s all been turned over to God, some little thing — maybe not even remotely associated with suicide — re-opens that wound, restarts the scarring.

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