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This is how I’ve felt recently, desperate to finish. I’ve had this story on my heart for a while now and in the past couple of years it’s taken off. The story has grown a wider cast, an extra world, more books.

At the end of June I have an editorial review scheduled and at the end of July I’m packing up my proposal and heading to Realm Makers.

I’m excited and terrified but I’m also desperate. I’m going to finish!

I’ve made myself a checklist. I think Kristen had posted about how the visual aspect of a checklist can be helpful. I have my coffee, my music, and my seat in the chair.

Of course, sometimes when I’m editing I feel like this:

What’s the hardest aspect of writing for you? I’m still thinking about this, probably whatever I’m working on at the moment. 😉

Have a great week and…


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saved by grace, writer of young adult fiction, and drinker of copious amounts of coffee

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