The Camp

The Amulet Saga

Volume Two: The Defector

The Camp 2

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The Camp

The heat from the lowlands didn’t dissipate until they were far up into the mountains. Rose wiped sweat from her brow with a cloth Myrta handed her. The cart they sat in jostled over the bumpy trail.

Myrta still seemed uncomfortable with the idea of living in an outlaw camp, but she’d come along anyway.

As they trudged their way up the pass into the mountains, the vegetation thinned and the landscape became more barren. Plants and trees became smaller and more like bushes. Late in the afternoon, Taurin turned the horse off the main path and onto a track that seemed scarcely more than a game trail that rose up a sharp incline, higher into the mountains.

“I apologize, ladies, but I’m going to have to ask you to walk for a bit,” Taurin said. “The horse will have enough trouble carrying the supplies up this part.” He jumped from his perch at the front of the cart and took the horse’s reins to lead him instead of driving him.

Rose jumped down from the back of the cart and hurried up to walk near Taurin. Myrta followed more slowly, her eyes proclaiming how much she didn’t appreciate Taurin’s request.

For more than an hour they hiked up the steep trail, weaving in and out of boulders and zigzagging up the side of the hill. Just when Rose thought she couldn’t take another step, Taurin took her hand. “We’re almost there. Just around that bend up ahead.”

Rose took a swig from the water skin he handed her, then passed it on to Myrta.

Taurin didn’t release her hand as he began walking again.


What comes next:

Trader     The Third Son     The Search

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Avily Jerome is a writer and the editor of Havok Magazine. Her short stories have been published in various magazines, both print and digital. She has judged several writing contests and is a writing conference teacher and presenter. She writes speculative fiction, her ideas ranging from almost-real-world action/adventures to epic fantasies to supernatural thrillers.

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  2. […] City     Spy     A Place to Stay     Outlaws     The Camp      […]

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