I pulled into the McDonald’s drive-through after work on Monday night to grab a pop on my way home. As I was pulling up to the speaker my brakes went out and I had to push the pedal all the way to the floor to get my car stopped. The good thing was I wasn’t moving very fast and had no car directly in front me. Breathes sigh of relief.

My first thought as I sat there for a moment was, well, there goes my writing conference this year. My car and I have had a very tenuous relationship over the years. It’s definitely no Serenity. It tends to breakdown rather frequently and when it does, I’m pretty much guaranteed to shell out three to eight hundred to get her running again. I had just enough saved up for the Realm Makers Conference this year and now, out of the blue, my car breaks down again.

I managed to back out of the drive-through and into a parking space. Frustrated, I picked up the phone and called my dad. “Hey, my car broke down in the McDonald’s parking lot and I have no idea what’s wrong.” Big surprise there, I usually don’t have any idea what’s wrong. 😉

My dad, who was supposed to be out of town that night, had changed his mind last minute and was only thirty minutes away when I called. When he arrived we noticed a leak near one of the back tires and after popping the tire off, found that one of the brake lines had split. After trying three different parts stores, we found the piece we needed. It was an easy fix and the total cost for the repairs was less than thirty bucks.

The Lord reminded me of a few things Monday night.

1.) My brakes went out in a parking lot. I could have been on the interstate.

2.) My dad could have been out of town instead of being only thirty minutes away.

3.) Some things may be out of my control but they are not out of God’s.

I went home that night very humbled and grateful. I was grateful to the Lord for making me realize my tendency to complain and not trust Him. I was also thankful for my dad, who dropped everything he was doing to run and help me.

But what if my car repairs had cost eight hundred and not thirty? Would God have been any less in control if I wasn’t able to attend my conference?


I had this written on a board in my room for a couple of years and it’s so true. I may not know where I’m being led all the time but I do know the One Who is leading and I can certainly trust Him to know what He’s doing! 🙂

So, how are you guys this week? Any major news? Are you going to any conferences this year?



About Brittany Valentine

Saved by grace, sibling one of eight, part-timer by day, speculative fiction writer by night. Working on a series called The Chronicles of Aura.

10 comments on “Trusting

  1. Wow. True blessings all the way around.

    We’ve had lots of things like that over the last five or six years. Yes, there were times when it cost us money – sometimes more than we wanted – but back in 2008, my wife and I felt the Lord telling us we’d turned a corner and He was beginning a new work with us. And, along with that, no harm would come to us. And you know what? It didn’t. It hasn’t. And I believe it won’t.

    But it took a while to get to a point of trusting that, having confidence in that, because what we “heard” the Lord saying to us was just what we’ve come to call “VIMH.” (Voice In My Head.) When the Lord does speak, it’s a still small voice in the depths of our hearts. And so faith is trusting you’re hearing His voice and not your own mental machinations, or your imagination, and comparing it with Scripture to see if it aligns, and praying, and hoping, and finally making that decision.

    We don’t “hear” God every day, but when we feel He’s saying something to us, leading us somewhere, it can be scary. Especially when doubts creep in. I’ve had a lot of moments of doubt, but His promise has been true.

    It makes me think of the heroes of faith we have in the Bible. People who followed God because they “heard” Him. People we’ve always assumed did hear Him, audibly, in an unmistakable way. But what if all they had was a voice in their head, one they couldn’t be sure of, one they didn’t know for certain was God speaking to them?

    It makes the things they did and the Lord’s actions through them all the more amazing to me. And that’s why the Lord put those people in His record of faith and practice, so we could see them. At least, I think so.

    Anyway, I’m so glad it worked out for you, and you didn’t get hurt. 🙂

    • I always think of George Mueller. He was certainly a man of faith. There is a story of him traveling by ship to a place where he would preach. A storm came up and the captain told him they would not reach their destination in time. Mueller asked the captain to pray with him. The captain still didn’t believe that the storm would clear. Mueller prayed a very simple prayer, looked at the captain, and said, “I believe God has answered our prayers.” When they went above deck the storm had cleared and Mueller was able to make his appointment.

  2. My car costs me about a thousand dollars a year in repairs. I figure that’s still less than a car payment, so I keep paying it.

    You’re very responsible, saving for conference. I tend to put it all on the credit card and figure out how to pay the bill later. But you know … God usually figures out a way to make it happen. Once when I attended the ACFW conference (which is WAY more expensive than Realm Makers), I thought I had to be crazy, trusting God to pay that bill. But the week before the conference I got a huge editing job that more than covered the cost.

    It doesn’t always work out that way. The answer to paying the bill this month was “Hey, that AAPL stock you have — looks like it’s time to let some of that go.” Yoikes. But God has been good to me and to Apple’s share price, so it was okay. 😉

    • That’s how I feel about my car too, plus at this point I’ve pretty much replaced everything in it. Ha! 😉 The Lord providing for your ACFW conference is really encouraging. It’s just a reminder that if He wants you to go, He’ll provide! I’m getting more and more excited about what God has planned for this year.

  3. I like that quote – I think I’ll pin it! 😉
    Trusting God bringing such assurance – I feel so sad for those who don’t know the comfort. My husband is out of a job on the 8th, our house sells at the end of April – we don’t know where we will be moving or what job God has in store. A lot of faith going on right now that God has something amazing planned for us and we’re looking forward to finding out what it is.

    • Now that I’m on Pinterest, maybe I should pin it too. 😉
      Wow, that is definitely a spot where you would clearly see God working! I’ll be praying for you as you wait to see where He’ll lead. Keep us posted!

  4. I haven’t been able to attend any conferences since 2006, and yes… it’s all in God’s hands and God’s timing.

    I’m so glad you were safe, and that this was a relatively cheap fix.

    I hope God blesses your time at Realm Makers!

    • I hope you’ll get to go to one again soon! Like Kristen said, RM is a lot cheaper than many other conferences out there. It’s also pretty spectacular. 🙂

  5. Glad you’re still able to come to RM! I’ll be there this year! 😀

    • Awesome! I’m so excited about this year. 🙂 I have a ton of work to do before I go, editing… but I can’t wait. 🙂

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