One Thing Worse (or How to Torture an Arizonan)


This post was almost called “What Kristen Said” because a few months ago (about six) Kristen Stieffel and I did a Point/Counterpoint about Daylight Savings Time. Me being the Arizonan who doesn’t have to experience “Spring Forward” and “Fall Back” each year all but begged my legislators to adopt Daylight Savings Time. I’ve found out there’s one thing worse than not changing your clocks so that you experience 4:30 a.m. sunrises and summer nights that end before 8 p.m. It’s experiencing the time change when started your day one time zone to the west. Two hours for the price of one…

For the third time in my life, I experienced “Spring Forward” and I get what the gripe is. I grew up in Indiana in the pre-DST days. I spent a couple of years in Ohio before I moved to Arizona the last bastion of unmoving clocks in the Continental United States. Back then, I don’t remember it being a big deal setting my clock ahead one hour and going to bed.

Then this weekend happened. Not-a-morning-person me had to get up at 0530 Saturday morning. We had a 4.5 hour drive to the airport then a 1.5 hour flight. By the time my family arrived in Texas at dinner time, I was ready for bed. Never mind that it wasn’t even 5 in Arizona or that I consider it a wasted day to even think about going to bed before 10 p.m. By the time we went to bed at “fake 10 p.m.” I was ready and glad that we set our clocks ahead before going to sleep. I spent today feeling like I’d flown halfway around the world. I’m writing this at real 10 p.m. in Texas and only 8 p.m. in Arizona. However, my body is certain that it’s on Newfoundland Time and it’s already 12:30 a.m. If it’s like jet lag every spring, maybe I’ll have to rethink my stance on Daylight Savings Time. Goodnight, y’all.


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4 comments on “One Thing Worse (or How to Torture an Arizonan)

  1. It is *exactly* like jet lag every time. 😦 In both directions, although I think the fall is slightly easier to cope with.

  2. Yeah. I get the complaint. It’s been 20 years since I did this.

  3. It’s a lot easier when you’re younger, but even my fifteen year old is sick of this! I can’t seem to bounce back when “springing forward.”

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