Photo by Gretchen E.K. Engel


I could have used Zandrea (pictured above) several times this week. All was good until Wednesday afternoon. I called a colleague and had to apologize for sounding a bit scratchy.

By Thursday morning my voice was gone. I sounded like I’d swallowed a tub toy.

It’s sad but my first thought was, “I can’t yell at the kids.” Indeed it is something of an issue. Not in the yelly mommy way (she does exist) but in the our house is two stories kind of way.

Of course it happened this week when the kids had parent-teacher conferences, we were teaching children’s church, and giving my testimony in small group.

But Jehovah Jireh! God is our provider. My husband was able to slip away for the conferences. He’s the leader in children’s church, so I just read a few verses, and I traded weeks with someone else for my testimony.

I may be doing it with notecards, but I’m praising God that all worked out okay.  And I’ll be back to my talkative self soon. Until then my friends and family can enjoy the silence.


About Gretchen E K Engel

Chemical engineer by day, spec fiction writer by night

2 comments on “Incommunicado 

  1. I’ve only lost my voice once and my husband had way too much fun teasing me about it. 😉 I really can be a chatterbug, though….

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