Underwhelmed and Pleasantly Surprised 

img_4259My plan for tonight was to discuss my favorite Super Bowl ads. I was going to name them then comment on how they captured my attention. But when some of the best ads were for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, you know it’s going to be hard.

Super Bowl L (except the NFL ditched the Roman numerals) was bittersweet. The Cardinals are my team, so my full-on cheering ended two weeks ago. However, I am a Peyton Manning fan. It was easy cheering him on. He’s a decent guy with great statistics. I wanted to see his career end with two rings.

However, I thought Manning had a snowman’s chance in Phoenix of actually getting ring #2 tonight.

Well, I might as well list my favorite commercials (unranked).

  • The NFL commercials with “Super Bowl Babies” – they were cute and pro-life (unintentional or not)
  • The Audi commercial with the retired astronaut. If I had $100K to spend on a car, there would be 4 rings on the grille. My favorite make always goes classy
  • The Advil commercial. As a klutzy 40-something with a slack line, I got this
  • The Heinz commercial. If for the kid dressed up as a ketchup packet alone. Too much cute.
  • The commercial with the singing sheep. Because Queen

Honorable mentions: They didn’t show the JEEP ad in our market (or I missed it), but I caught it online and it was good. The Doritos ultrasound one is funny and pro-life too, but it’s been around for a few weeks.

What else underwhelmed me? The halftime show. I love Coldplay, and the clips of halftime shows past was great. Then Bruno Mars and Beyonce. UGH! And just Beyonce’s attire (or lack there of). It wasn’t my style and a total mismatch for Coldplay.

OK. Griping over.

What pleasantly surprised me?

Lady Gaga! I like her even in her craziness. But tonight she was respectful and patriotic. Not to mention a fantastic singer. As for her outfit: very Gaga but also tasteful. Although I do love the Hunger Games meme that is floating around. Clever.

And of course, the game! Since my team lost to the Panthers, I put my spirit behind the Broncos. I even wore a orange and navy sweater. I happened to have a matching sweater in Carolina colors, so I was good either way.

Not since the 2009 Super Bowl with Kurt Warner and the Cardinals have I cared more about the game than the commercials. It was a good game. And Peyton Manning ends the season with his second ring and 200 wins, which is a new record.

As for next year, I’m hoping to cheer on the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl LI! Now it’s time for Downton Abbey.

Did you watch the Super Bowl? Did you have a favorite team?

If you didn’t watch, what did you do?


About Gretchen E K Engel

Chemical engineer by day, spec fiction writer by night

4 comments on “Underwhelmed and Pleasantly Surprised 

  1. Did not watch. Soo not into football. Hubby likes it and would have enjoyed watching but we’d have had to find a sports bar and endure the crowds and it wasn’t worth it to him. We had a relaxing family day at home and played monopoly with our daughter.

  2. I enjoyed Lady Gaga’s singing, too. She gave a fabulous, respectful performance. I found Peyton Manning’s humility, his open acknowledgement of God and his honoring his teammates touching.

    Half-time show:disappointing, boring. Beyonce’s wardrobe choice and highly sexualized performing reflects a lack of self-respect and saddens me.

    I liked the Superbowl babies and the singing sheep commercials, too.

    Not a highly memorable event but a slice of American life chockful of absurdities – $3000 tickets minimum entry fee, $5M commercials and fans cheering for the teams from every town in the USA. 🙂

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