Crosshair Press Open for Submissions

Guest Blogger: Amy Davis

The Crosshair Press founding team members are Amy Williams, Katie Morford, and Amy Davis. Our respective backgrounds include copywriting, journalism, copyediting, and missionary work, and a plethora of random things like insurance, plumbing, and research.

Amy Davis

Amy Davis

A.C. Williams

A.C. Williams

Katie Morford

Katie Morford

The idea of Crosshair Press hatched around a restaurant breakfast table in Wichita, Kansas, over toast and jam and lots of comments like, “Are we really thinking about doing this?” That was in August 2013, after attending the Realm Makers writer’s conference, where small press publishing was a hot topic. We prayerfully took the plunge, had a God-driven ride through 2014-15 to refine our publishing process, and we are pleased to officially be taking submissions as of January 2016.

Our goal is to publish quality stories that combine Christ-centered faith and an air of adventure, which we consider our “crosshairs.” Books we want to read, not just publish. We strive for excellence in storytelling, and we don’t only want to help authors publish. We want to help them become better writers through mentorship with our editors. So far we have published five full-length novels, a few novellas, and a number of character shorts on our website. In 2016, we are slated to delve into the steampunk genre for the first time, YA fantasy, and the completion of A.C. Williams’ Destiny Trilogy.

Currently we are interested in genres including romantic comedies, space operas, science fiction, fantasy, action/adventure, urban fantasy, and steampunk. Crosshair Press acknowledges that life, especially the lives of Christ-followers, aren’t always rainbows and cotton candy, so we do offer an imprint for our edgier stories, which we call Steel Rigg. Check out the Destiny Trilogy for a better understanding of how we handle the profanity and graphic scenes for that imprint.

Submissions page
Submission requirements
The Crosshair Press process

Amy Davis is the acquisitions manager for Crosshair Press.

3 comments on “Crosshair Press Open for Submissions

  1. What’s your marketing plan look like? Who do you have on tap for cover design?

  2. Kessie, thanks for your question! For cover design, we have connections with a number of really talented (and easy-to-work-with) graphic designers, and we’re working on building relationships with a couple of others. And as far as marketing goes, we use the Crosshair Press blog and social media presence to get the word out, and we’ll run promotions from time to time. But the majority of marketing for a title needs to be done personally by the author. We’ve discovered that the best way to sell books is by starting with people who know you, and word will spread from there. Crosshair, of course, will feature our authors on our blog and webpage and talk about you all over the place (great stories are our favorite topic of conversation), and we’ll be glad to offer advice and direction about marketing options.

  3. This is so exciting! May the Lord bless your business and give you much favor!

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