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Thankful for Writers

To be honest, Tuesday caught me completely by surprise.

I think Thanksgiving preparations may have helped with the whole surprise thing.

I recently had the opportunity to participate in Nadine Brandes’ launch team for her book, A Time to Speak. You may have even read some of my earlier posts about it. It was an amazing experience. The first two books in her Out of Time series were some of the best books I’ve read in the past few years. They were hard hitting but also full of hope. I couldn’t put them down.

This week I thought I’d share my reviews for the first two books.

A Time to Die


What would it be like to know the day that you would die? What would it be like to know that you’ve wasted most of your life so far? At seventeen Parvin Blackwater is given the chance to redeem the rest of the short time left to her, even though it could cost her everything to do so.

Parvin was a character I could really relate to, even though I’ve never climbed down a cliff face or been chased by ravenous wolves. I know what it feels like to know that you’ve wasted precious time, to know that you could have made a bigger difference in the world around you.

A Time to Die is no light read. It pushes you to the brink and back again, makes you think, and makes you cry. But unlike a lot of Dystopian fiction out there, A Time to Die is also full of hope.

The book ends on quite the cliffhanger but in a good way that leaves you snatching up the second in the series as fast as you can. I can’t recommend this book enough.

A Time to Speak


The world I fell in love with in book one just grew a little bigger. After the events of A Time to Die, Parvin finds herself with more time, time she’s not even sure she wants. She also finds herself leading a group of people who are now radicals just like her. What will she do now that she has this sort of responsibility on her young shoulders? It’s not just her life she has to worry about but her mother’s, her friends’, and the man she’s beginning to have feelings for.

A Time to Speak delves deeper into the characters we already knew from book one, while still adding fresh faces to the mix. In book two the story world broadens as well, introducing new places, peoples, and ways of life.

The pacing is fast, keeping you on the edge of your seat, but it still manages to tug at your heart strings and make you think.
“If my mind got destroyed and only my heart remained, would I still love God?” Parvin asks this question when faced with the possibility of torture from a corrupt government.

I definitely recommend this book, just realize that you’re in for an adrenaline laced journey that won’t leave you with much time for sleeping.


This week I’m thankful for writers and their stories. I’m thankful for books that sweep me away on adventures and make me long for another world.

What amazing story have you been reading lately? What amazing story have you been writing?

Happy Thanksgiving!



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Saved by grace, sibling one of eight, part-timer by day, speculative fiction writer by night. Working on a series called The Chronicles of Aura.

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