Ready, Set, Go

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Photo by Gretchen E.K. Engel

It’s November which means men and women everywhere will be putting razors aside for “No Shave November”. It’s also a time when writer types or those who think they might want to try the writing thing dive into National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). This is my fourth year. I “won” (made the 50,000 word goal) in 2012 and 2014. In 2013, I made a decent showing with about 40,000 words.

To prepare for NaNoWriMo, a couple of weeks ago I attended a webinar taught by Jeff Gerke. He wrote the book Write Your Novel in a Month. I ordered it and it was waiting for me when I got back from my business trip. It’s a great craft book for anyone starting out writing. However, it’s also good for those of us who have been writing for a while but want a guide to getting started on a new story, especially if it’s an incipient idea, and you’re not sure where to go with it.

That’s where I am this year. I’m working on a story set in another world, but it’s essentially an Edwardian era steam punk setting. It’s a rewrite of my incomplete 2013 NaNoWriMo project. Unfortunately, much of my first attempt became a period romance without enough steam punk elements (cool gadgets and adventure).

After much replotting, I have several ideas of where to take the story. Now it’s just a matter of words on a page. As you can see above I’ve got a couple of tools to help me. Next week I’ll give an update of where I am on my 1,700 words/day goal, and how I manage to write 50,000 (actually 51,000) words in November without too much disruption with my life. Or how I manage to keep my family clothed and fed each November.

It’s Sunday night and my word count is about 20 words. I had wash dirty clothes and work boots then clean bathrooms before I could start NaNoWriMo. I feel like Cinderella except I have to create my prince out of the ether.


About Gretchen E K Engel

Chemical engineer by day, spec fiction writer by night

6 comments on “Ready, Set, Go

  1. I love your ending quote! It’s a fun but often-doable challenge to work NaNoWriMo into the daily schedule.

  2. Edwardian Steampunk Romance is right up my alley! I look forward to reading that!

  3. “I feel like Cinderella except I have to create my prince out of the ether.”

    That’s exactly how it feels! Love it.

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