Why is it that when I actually have the time to write/edit, I put it off and when I don’t have the time, it’s all I want to do?

Have you ever felt that way? I don’t know if it’s my procrastinating perfectionism or just laziness but it’s definitely getting old. I think one thing I’ve found is that even when I don’t feel like working on my series if I just force myself to sit down and begin, I usually get into the flow of it and make decent progress. I really do love writing.

That said, last week was a flurry of work, traveling, and birthdays. With a large family the birthdays never end. 😉 It’s been hard to make the time to work on my editing but I did get a couple of things accomplished that I’m pretty pleased with. I moved my writing space to another room, really needed the change, and set up my storyboards. I use actual cork boards because I’m technologically challenged and I just like them. 😉



Despite the hectic schedule, I did make use of my phone recorder and made notes about my book as we were traveling,  eating cake, before I fell asleep, etc… And if I can decipher all of my mumbling and sleep deprived ramblings, I may have some new plot points to add to my series.

So, I guess all in all I did make some progress.

Do you have any tricks for getting things done when you’re busy?
What does your writing station look like? Post a pic below. I’d love to see. 🙂


About Brittany Valentine

Saved by grace, sibling one of eight, part-timer by day, speculative fiction writer by night. Working on a series called The Chronicles of Aura.

8 comments on “Busy

  1. Well, I can’t post a picture of my writing space, and it’s unremarkable anyway. I’ve recently dropped the coin for a dedicated “writing” computer, but to be honest, that hasn’t helped much either. The only time I did try to just do what needs to be done – and I know, I know, writers have a burning need to write – nothing happened. That is, I sat at the computer, and generated a whole batch of … nothing.

    I don’t know what the issue is, but I think I’m just like you. I’m so full of words when I get to work and can’t write. I might manage a couple of blog posts a week, but when I open one of my WsIP (and there are several), nothing happens. Nothing.

    Your first paragraph in this post really hits the mark for me. I wish I had some idea why this happens, and why it’s happening now, but I’m not going to be a career writer if I only manage a book every three or four years.

    I’m starting to wonder if you’re some alternate reality version of me. (Except, you know…female. And young. And not me.)

  2. My writing space is my iPod, early morning in bed, or late at night in an easy chair, so there’s not much to take pictures of. I do most editing on my iPod, and only use my big computer for formatting and that stuff.

    When you’re busy, you’re busy. I’m going on nine months pregnant with my fifth, and some nights I’m too tired to stay up late and write. But since I write on my iPod, I can usually snatch a few minutes during the day to write a paragraph or two. Also, the outlining technique from the book Take Off Your Pants is working wonders for my productivity. I never have to wonder what to write next–the hard thinking is already done. If your brain will handle the vaguest of outlines, I can’t recommend it enough. I might even fast-draft this whole book before the baby comes.

    • I’ll have to check that book out. I’m a firm believer in outlines, for myself anyway. I tried to write without an outline but found I’m the type of writer who really needs one. 😉 And anywhere we write is our writing space, isn’t it? It can be in the car, at the breakfast table, and at the kitchen sink! Let me know how the draft goes and congrats on your new little one. 🙂

  3. It seems like I can ONLY get things done when I’m overscheduled. During the summer, on my rare free days? I have a hard time focusing on anything. I’m too relaxed.That being said, the school year is brutal on my nonfiction writing. My teacher brain is full-up used for teaching. My fiction brain, on the other hand, is incorrigible. 😉 I don’t have a writing space or a dedicated computer. My laptop is for teaching and for writing, and I usually just crash on the couch.

  4. You know, I usually end up on the couch too. I moved my desk to try and force myself to use it, sighs.

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