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Just Make Do

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Photo by Gretchen Engel

“Just make do” or, “just make do with what you have” was instilled in me growing up. My parents were infused with a healthy dose of Depression Era thrift.

This week my husband and I had a week without our kids. While it sounds like a time full of date nights and intimate moments, it was a week of meetings, work projects, and business trips. My husband and I “just made do”.

We snagged 49-cent wings at a favorite local restaurant. We even opted to sit in the bar since we’re both grownups. Our mutual business trips placed us in Gallup, NM for dinner. Not exactly a garden spot, we still enjoyed the seafood buffet at a nearby casino. We got our money’s worth on the oysters alone.

Friday night we lived it up with leftover pizza and a Netflix video we’d had way too long. Saturday we did enjoy a “real date” and went to the movies, which is something we haven’t done in 2-3 years. Sunday, the dynamic duo returned,  and I was so happy to see them.

The (writing) moral to this story is write when and where you can. It might not be in Scrivener at your desk. It might be a short story scribbled in a notebook on the way to church. A character sketch in Evernote in the doctor’s waiting room.

The point is you need to write. Even if it’s not a long, high word count session, every little bit is a good thing.


About Gretchen E K Engel

Chemical engineer by day, spec fiction writer by night

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