Cinderella as Christianity


The news has been full of all kinds of craziness the last week. From gay marriage rights to the Confederate flag to dire warnings about dry drowning and lyme disease, you can’t be on the internet without seeing some sort of negativity.

I tried to stay out of the gay marriage debate. I really did try. But everywhere I turned, there was negativity. And I know there are plenty of Christians who are vile and hateful, but that wasn’t what I saw. What I saw was the gay-rights activists saying horrible things about how if you don’t support gay rights, you are full of hate, how churches are hate groups, how if you disagree, you’re the problem. So I got into it a little. Got into a couple debates. Lost one friend because of it.

The whole ordeal was wearying.

I stayed away from the Confederate flag issue. I don’t know enough about it.

I get paranoid taking my kids swimming now because of the trending dry drowning story.

And there are about a thousand other things drifting through my Facebook newsfeed and on talk radio and everywhere else that just exhaust me, mentally and emotionally.

So, instead of getting into more debates and reading more dire warnings and everything else that would bury me, I’m taking my daughter to see Cinderella.

We don’t go to movies in the theater very often. There are too many of us, and it’s too expensive. But there is a discount theater that plays movies that are no longer in the new theaters but aren’t yet out on video. So my daughter and I are going to have a date.

I love the Cinderella story. I haven’t yet seen this incarnation of it, but I’ve heard lots of good things. But one driving force of Cinderella that is defining about it is the eternal optimism.

Cinderella’s defining characteristic is that no matter how bad things get, no matter how much she is mistreated, she never loses her sweet spirit. She always has hope. She not only sees the good in her current situation, she always looks to the future, trusting that one day things will get better.

Cinderella epitomizes Christianity, in a way. Sometimes bad things happen. Sometimes people are mean. Sometimes things don’t work they way we’d like them to. But God is watching out for us, working all things together for His good. Despite raging political debates and all the horrible things that can happen to us or our kids in the world, despite persecution and even just the mundane, there is Hope. Jesus is waiting to give us good gifts, and we can trust, with Cinderella-like simplicity, that some day we will live Happily Ever After with our Prince in His Kingdom.

About Avily Jerome

Avily Jerome is a writer and the editor of Havok Magazine. Her short stories have been published in various magazines, both print and digital. She has judged several writing contests and is a writing conference teacher and presenter. She writes speculative fiction, her ideas ranging from almost-real-world action/adventures to epic fantasies to supernatural thrillers.

6 comments on “Cinderella as Christianity

  1. Well said, Avily!

    I’ve missed the whole flap about dry drowning. Now I may have to go find out–oh boy!

    I hope you’ll drop by and check out my latest blog post on my author website.

    • Please don’t! You’ll worry yourself unnecessarily! 🙂

      I will try to check it out in the near future.

  2. Yes! And we come in rags but God clothes us in righteousness. Beautiful, Avily.

  3. I finally got to see it last month and LOVED it! =D

  4. You must remedy having not seen Cinderella. It has passed It’s a Wonderful Life as my favorite movie. So good on so many levels.

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