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Introducing Peasantry Press

Guest Blogger: Alyssa Thiessen

Who We Are

Someone once said to me that the most natural metaphor for the publishing world is that of the medieval feudal system. The big publishing houses, naturally, are the literary royalty. The agents are the nobility, or the knights, perhaps. So what about the writers? The writers are the peasantry, of course.

The more I thought about the metaphor, the more I realized I liked it. Being part of the peasantry means that the writers work the creative soil, nurture stories from fertile imaginations, create nourishing, life-giving work, and are completely connected to the worlds they create.

Peasant Couple Going to Work by Vincent van Gogh

Peasant Couple Going to Work by Vincent van Gogh

We started Peasantry Press to provide opportunities for more writers to have their unique voices heard, specifically those writers looking for alternatives to agents, large publishing houses, and self-publishing.

Our small team of five launched Peasantry Press on January 1. We’re an independent, royalty-paying small press publisher, accepting both fiction and nonfiction submissions.

What We Publish

At Peasantry Press, we’re less concerned about genre than about quality and impact. We’re definitely not a genre specific publisher. If a writer can tell a great story—and tell it well—it’s something we’d love to look at. My personal favorites fall within the speculative fiction realm: post apocalyptic, dystopian, urban fantasy—but others on our team have their own specific preferences. We feel that variety is beautiful, and we’d love to see that in our books.

We’re a Christian publishing house, but we don’t only publish Christian fiction. We believe God can be glorified though the creative arts, whether the story is explicitly about God or not. We do, though, only publish “clean” fiction, which means our fiction won’t contain profanity, explicit sexual content, or graphic violence.

The Power of Story

We believe in the power of story. Stories can challenge viewpoints, alter perspectives, uplift spirits, and enrich lives. Storytellers can change the world. Peasantry Press is excited to play a role in getting more stories with power into the hands of readers.

Visit www.peasantrypress.com for more details about our team, our company, our vision, and our submission process.

Alyssa Thiessen is acquisitions editor and marketing director at Peasantry Press. She has been teaching high school English Language Arts for twelve years and is a member of the Manitoba Writers’ Guild. Alyssa writes young adult fiction and loves great literature.

One comment on “Introducing Peasantry Press

  1. Great info! And glad to have another small press publisher out there. Can hardly wait to see your first releases! 🙂

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