Congress Needs to Go

CongressThe buzz on social media the last couple days has been all about the recent elections. Those on the Left are in an uproar, because the Right has the majority, and those on the Right are gloating about how things are finally going to change. Those on the Left are bewailing the stupidity of America and cautioning people to remember, when their rights are taken away, how quickly they voted to take away the rights of others, while those on the Right are crowing about how it’s about time.

Here’s the thing: Nothing has changed. When the Left had the majority, the Right did everything in their power to stop things from going into effect, and the Left got all in a tizzy because the Right was filibustering and dragging their heels and standing in the way of progress. Now that the Right is “in control,” the Left will do the EXACT SAME THING, and still, nothing will get done, and nothing will change.

Meanwhile, Congress is chasing itself around in circles, each side trying to outmaneuver the other and the other side trying to prevent whatever the one is trying to accomplish. So, in the end, the only things that really get done are things that benefit Congress. They create laws that they’re exempt from. They give themselves raises. They go on hiatus and vacation. They sneak extra caveats into everything, so even the most straight-forward of bills that on the surface seems like something everyone should agree on has some insidious fine-print, and thus the other side strives to knock it down, and there’s an uproar about how “They” are bad and “We” are good.

This happens on BOTH SIDES. Neither are all good or all bad, and none of Congress seems to be working for the actual good of the people any more, they’re all working for the good of Congress, or to bash the other side.

I saw a meme the other day (and since it was a meme I can’t vouch for the accuracy, but I imagine it’s probably pretty close) that said Congress has about an 11% approval rating, yet has a 94% reelection rate.

And I’ve never seen anyone who says they think Congress is doing a bang-up job. Everyone I’ve talked to or seen posts from, from the most staunch conservatives to the most vocal liberals, thinks Congress is failing miserably. They no longer represent the people. They no longer govern with the people’s interests in mind. Right or Left, it doesn’t matter. They are not working for us. They are not representing us. They are not looking out for us. They are not interested in helping better the country, they’re only interested in making their own lives as cushy as possible.

It needs to stop. Whether you lean far to the Right or to the Left (or, as is the case with most of America, you land somewhere in the middle), Congress is not making things any better for you. If you lean Left, even the Democratic members of Congress are only pushing an agenda, and as much as they may say they align with your ideals, their actions prove the opposite. They’re more concerned with getting re-elected than with accomplishing anything, so they say what you want to hear, and then they go right on doing only what helps them. The same is true of the Right. They are no different, except that Republican members of Congress tout Republican ideals right before they do exactly what they want to do with no thought for any actual Republicans.

It has to stop.

Congress is out of control. We all agree on this. And yet we don’t do anything about it. We don’t insist on change, we just vote along party lines. We vote against the “other guy”, and we all end up losing. This government was designed to be FOR the people and BY the people. Here’s the thing: YOU ARE THE PEOPLE!

YOU are the people.

You ARE the people.

You are the PEOPLE.

We need to stop letting Congress walk all over us. We need to impose term limits. We need to insist that they are subject to the laws they write. We need to stop allowing them to increase their own pay while letting veterans and the homeless and countless other PEOPLE suffer.

Congress needs to go.


About Avily Jerome

Avily Jerome is a writer and the editor of Havok Magazine. Her short stories have been published in various magazines, both print and digital. She has judged several writing contests and is a writing conference teacher and presenter. She writes speculative fiction, her ideas ranging from almost-real-world action/adventures to epic fantasies to supernatural thrillers.

9 comments on “Congress Needs to Go

  1. Come on, now , Avily. Don’t hold back. Tell us how you really feel. 😉

  2. I have to laugh every time a politician says they have the “working man” in mind. None of them has done an honest day’s work in so long that they have forgotten what the heck it means. I completely believe that congress should be a volunteer position with a limit of two terms.

    People cry, “But then only rich people could afford to be congresspeople!” Um, hello? Congress is far from an everyman club. I was hearing on the radio on the way to work today about how one LOSER in a congressional race invested $23 million of HIS OWN MONEY in his campaign. He doesn’t need the pay congresspeople earn. I could easily live several lifetimes on $23 million. ( I dare some philanthropist to test me on that. 😉 )

    Not to mention, the actual attendance rates of congress leave plenty of room for those folks to hold down a job if they really need to in order to serve their country and put food on the table.

    The whole notion of being a senator or a representative as a sacrificial role of service is dead and gone.

    • True! I’ve often thought we could do better if it were like jury duty. You have to go do it as your civic obligation, and we’ll give you a pittance to replace your lost wages.

    • I agree! Politicians in general are only in it for their agenda. I’m fine with paying a liveable wage, especially if it meant Joe the Plumber could still put food on his table while he completes the duties of his office, but the amount they make is obscene. And most of them ARE rich because they have to be to be able to afford to campaign. If they weren’t so focused on reelection, they might actually be able to get something done that actually helps the people and the country.

  3. Yes, Yes, so much yes. I long ago vowed not to vote for any incumbents in Congress. (Hasn’t helped. Here in my district we’ve had the same whack job Representative for years.) This year I refused to vote for anyone who was either a Republican or a Democrat. Fortunately, we had more Libertarian and No Party Affiliation candidates than in previous years, but there were still races for which my write-in vote was for Mickey Mouse (he lives in my area, you know). Seriously, I didn’t write in Mr. Mouse — though I was tempted — but I did simply abstain in a lot of races. Which is probably a cop out, but I honestly couldn’t vote FOR some of these people. And I’m tired of voting for the least objectionable person.

  4. I actually read few years ago, that a room full of baboons are called a Congress. Perhaps that explains the failures of both sides . It is true that each side manipulates and tries to seek all the dirt they can find on the opposing sides. And then the mud slinging begins. And rarely any other time than election years. That speaks loudly. None if them have lily white hands. And none if them seem to care about the people they are suppose to represent. If they did , our nation wouldn’t be failing so badly and our world reputation wouldn’t have declined to the depths it has. We seem to be a colossal embarrassment to other nations. My heart lies with Gods true government and not man’s. I respect the laws snd rulers only so far as I have to but beyond that, I don’t. Enjoyed the opinions here. ” And truth goes marching on. ”
    Thanks yisraela.

  5. […] Congress is so busy campaigning for reelection that they’re not accomplishing anything, and the presidential race is all about misinformation and who can make the biggest claims. But the top candidates on BOTH sides are rich people who claim they know what’s best for regular people and make impossible claims and tell lies about each other and their own actions. […]

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