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Soul Food

“A good story feeds the reader, nourishing him or her with valuable insights.” – David Farland.

That was just a portion of today’s daily article that magically appears in my inbox. It dealt with the topic of theme, something that is very important to me.

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I don’t want to write a hollow story, nor do I want to read one. I understand that readers don’t sign up for a sermon in fiction format, but the day I don’t have a passion for what I’m typing will be the day I stop writing.

Theme is the reason the final Matrix film flopped and Avengers rocked. It’s why I smiled when I tapped the final page of Steelheart on my kindle during my week out in California. It’s why I’ll never read the rest of a A Song of Fire and Ice.

It’s why my stomach got all twisted when another good story revealed that one of the two protagonists had to die to rescue their nation. I knew I’d be taken to a place where a protagonist had to make a choice that would wrench my soul, but challenge my heart.

Because we make similar choices everyday. To die to ourselves to serve our spouse or our kids or our friends.

Or those who treat us like enemies.

Fiction should entertain. There should be a relaxing sense of leisure to it. But the best stories should leave me altered when I’m done. Provoked to think. To stand firm or to change.

Which is why what we do is powerful. To create, as those made in the image of God, is a massive responsibility. Because when people read our stuff, they might be altered as well.

So, let’s write well – someone might be reading 🙂

You can read the rest of the article here if you’d like. In a day where it seems like only evil theme’s are touted as meaningful, I thought it a breath of fresh air.



About Will Ramirez

Will Ramirez grew up with a love for God's Word and fantastical worlds. The first passion led him to pastor Calvary Chapel Lighthouse for the the last 17 years. The second led him to create the world of Adme, the setting for his coming debut novel, an epic fantasy titled Soul Yearning. He lives in Central Florida with his bride of seventeen years and their four children. Since 2010, he's been a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers and serves on the leadership team of Word Weavers of Orlando. He is currently working on the second book of the Godslayer series as well as The Unspoken, book one of a dark fantasy trilogy. In the land of Adme, powerful beings rule as deities and compete with one another for followers. But when a young priest is revealed as the prophesied godslayer, the pantheon unites to destroy him.

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