Character Spotlight: Aetherial

Albione’s nose dripped. He wiped it clean and sniffed. “My heart tricked me Aeth, and I’m gonna die because I was too proud to admit it.” He thumped his head against the wall. “I wish I had more time to sort through these things now that I can see clearly. I don’t want to die like Ash.”

When Aetherial looked up, a fire raged in his eyes. He spoke in a calm, but chilling tone. “Let’s make sure we don’t die.”


Aetherial is a half-elven freelance guard and lifelong family friend to Albione, the main protagonist in my debut novel. He’s also an avid student of philosophy and outspoken agnostic. My beta readers usually comment that he’s one of their favorite characters.

I’ve been asked if his life parallels mine, but the truth is Aetherial is much different than I am. I think most people like him because he asks the questions many are afraid to.

There is no taboo with him, something that our society could benefit from.

And he’s intensely loyal.

Of all my side character’s, he’s been my favorite thus far. Perhaps that’s why others like him as well 🙂

About Will Ramirez

Will Ramirez grew up with a love for God's Word and fantastical worlds. The first passion led him to pastor Calvary Chapel Lighthouse for the the last 17 years. The second led him to create the world of Adme, the setting for his coming debut novel, an epic fantasy titled Soul Yearning. He lives in Central Florida with his bride of seventeen years and their four children. Since 2010, he's been a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers and serves on the leadership team of Word Weavers of Orlando. He is currently working on the second book of the Godslayer series as well as The Unspoken, book one of a dark fantasy trilogy. In the land of Adme, powerful beings rule as deities and compete with one another for followers. But when a young priest is revealed as the prophesied godslayer, the pantheon unites to destroy him.

8 comments on “Character Spotlight: Aetherial

  1. I like the artwork with the elf.

    Your characters seem to be in a very tense spot! I hope they escape!

    (psst! Character has 2 c’s.)

  2. Great post, Will. He is one of my favorites.

    And I am totally ripping off this idea for Friday…

  3. Hehe – I’ve been planning on doing this for a while, but kept putting it off. Not sure why. They’re fun posts and highlight the “what” we do better talking about “what” we do. Looking forward to seeing what character you pick!

  4. Well, this is one idea I can’t rip off. I have decided that the best thing for me to do is to work completely privately, with no announcements whatever, until I have a book-length manuscript ready to submit and actually published. I might submit something here about my change of perspective since I wrote “When God Calls You Elsewhere”, but other than that I can’t reveal my hand in such detail as you just have.

    But I like the character as you illustrate and describe him. An outspoken agnostic, eh? He and my chief protagonist would have some spirited arguments, I’m pretty sure.

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