Marcher Lord Press sold

The Christian Speculative Fiction community has been all a-flutter this week over news that Jeff Gerke, founder of Marcher Lord Press, sold the five-year-old company to Steve Laube. Here’s a roundup.

Laube is a literary agent with an appreciation for Christian Speculative Fiction, having represented Bryan Davis, Sharon Hinck, and Tosca Lee. Gerke intends to focus on freelance editing and book production services.

passing the torch

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I’ve heard concerns about a potential conflict of interest in an agent operating a publishing company. I’ve heard concerns about the dropping of the Hinterlands imprint and Amish Vampires in Space. I’ve heard concerns that the CBA is taking over and crushing the genre…I’m only exaggerating slightly there.

It is way too early to say what the end result of this deal will be. But I am confident that Steve Laube is a believer in and a fan of our genre, and that Jeff Gerke would not have handed over the reins if he didn’t trust Laube to do a great job. As I said over at Speculative Faith, you don’t spend five years raising and training a racehorse and then sell it to someone who’s going to use it as a plow mule. You sell it to someone you trust will take care of it and put it to its highest and best use.

I’m eager to see what happens next. Both for Jeff Gerke and for Steve Laube. I wish them both the best.

Read the official statement about the buyout.

Steve Laube’s Q&A.

Speculative Faith has a great write-up on the deal, and an engaging conversation in the comments.

SpecFaith also did an analysis of the Laube Q&A.

Also at SpecFaith, Jeff Gerke reassures MLP fans.

Ben Wolf of Splickety Magazine interviews Jeff Gerke.

Agent Amanda Luedeke sees hope in the deal.

At least two MLP authors have blogged about it:

Morgan L. Busse

Steve Rzasa

Marcher Lord Press is certainly the biggest fish in the Christian Speculative Fiction pond, but not the only one. See our list of other publishers that accept Christian Speculative Fiction and are open to unagented authors.

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Kristen Stieffel is a writer and freelance editor specializing in speculative fiction. She's a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, Christian Editor Connection, and American Christian Fiction Writers.

7 comments on “Marcher Lord Press sold

  1. “I’ve heard concerns that the CBA is taking over and crushing the genre…”

    That began as soon as the ink was dry.

  2. Reblogged this on Tales of the Undying Singer and commented:
    This is of considerable interest to me as I’ve long considered (should I find the time and energy required) preparing and submitting a book-length manuscript to Marcher Lord Press. I’ll miss Jeff Gerke at the helm but I certainly trust his judgment in passing on the company to Steve Laube.

  3. John
    I am a firm believer that as good as you are and as dedicated to being authentic in what you write that you will be all you can be regardless. And if what you write and stand for remains true that no matter who takes over, if it is the will of our God, it will be. You have remained true to your values and that will see you through regardless.
    With love and devotion. And best wishes to who ever takes over.

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