Could we build a SpecFic community on Twitter?

Over at the Anomaly, while we were talking about strengthening the linkages between the various sites where Christian SpecFic writers and fans hang out, Dave Withe, aka Newberry Dave, brought his usual insight to the discussion. I’m going to excerpt what he said.—Kristen Stieffel

Guest Blogger: Dave Withe

We are the links. God sews His kingdom together with us, His people. I believe many of these groups were started by people with links to the Anomaly, and some were active in the Anomalous Sandbox back in our early days.


Illustration by turtleteeth • iStockphoto

As our lives and authorial skill matures, our support and participation focus of necessity narrows down to the subgenres we work in. Also our time usually becomes more constrained. So any common group we might seek would have to offer some kind of added authorial craft value across regional/sub-genre lines or we won’t spend much time with it.

In the midst of my writing evolution I found Kristen Lamb’s #mywana (We Are Not Alone) Twitter thread and her blog. It is searchable in Google and provides a common meeting place and quick communication pipeline in Twitter for writers to keep in touch. It also gives us visibility to the wider world. Independent agents and editors for hire have also started tracking the #mywana Twitter stream.

Most #mywana participants include links to articles and online resources. This is one way to build good will and a posse to advocate for you in word-of-mouth marketing campaigns.

A subtag under or alongside #mywana for Christian SpecFic writers might allow us to connect better through Twitter. I suggest #XtSF — Xt (Chi Tau in Greek) is how the early Greek Fathers wrote the name of Christ. I already see various of the more successful Sandbox and Anomaly member Tweets whenever I check Twitter.

Dave suggested that “someone with an interesting blog…” (ahem) “should post a blog entry as to how this new hashtag can be used to unite us within the a larger #mywana Twitter forum.” So I agreed to do so. Tagging appropriate updates with both #mywana and #XtSF tags could expose our genre to other communities.—Kristen

Read Kristen Lamb’s original #MyWANA blog post.

What do y’all think? Do you use Twitter? Do you follow the #mywana stream? Would you?

About Kristen Stieffel

Kristen Stieffel is a writer and freelance editor specializing in speculative fiction. She's a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, Christian Editor Connection, and American Christian Fiction Writers.

3 comments on “Could we build a SpecFic community on Twitter?

  1. I post on Twitter, but I seldom go there, Kristen. I find the sheer influx of tweets intimidating. I’m not sure if I’m following #mywana or not, although I’d be happy to, if I could only figure out how to communicate and interact on Twitter via some other medium, such as email– where I have folders and categories, and stuff doesn’t come at me quite so randomly.

  2. Hootsuite is good for sorting things into categories, but that only works if people remember the hashtag. I confess that although I post to Twitter, I rarely read other people’s Twitter feeds. The only “conversations” I’ve had via Twitter have been through direct message.

    During Realm Makers, E. Stephen Burnett of Speculative Faith did a good job of live tweeting the sessions, which was pretty cool.

  3. Just came across myWANA stuff recently. Bought Kristen Lamb’s book “Rise of the Machines”, have barely cracked it open.

    Very interested in this topic, but have limited time to think about and get rolling with it. I expect to get more involved as I creep forward with my projects and allocate more time to writing and various writing communities.

    Thanks for posting and spreading the word, Kristen!

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