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WIP Report for October 2013

NAF WIP Oct 2013This month’s bonus Question is about Note taking. Tell us a little about your note-taking habits are. What form do you tend to use most for recording notes about your books? Computer files? School notebooks? Loose scratch paper? Sharpies on the bathroom walls? Do you have drawings or just words?

By the way, if anyone has a question they’d love to see on here, share and maybe it will turn up next month!

Avily Jerome:

WIP Title: The Days of Noah
Current Word Count: 81,867
Expected Word Count: 85,000
Goal Finish Date: Nov. 1
Draft 1, 2, Editing etc?: Editing

Biggest Struggle: I have had so much else going on I haven’t really had time to work on this.

Biggest Success/Encouragement: Things at Splickety are going really well

Link to share: http://splicketymagazine.com/contests/ Short story contest!

Note-Taking Habits:

I take notes in whatever format is most convenient at the time. Usually on a notebook or piece of scratch paper. Usually just words, with little stars or symbols to differentiate them from one another so I know which part I’m thinking of when I get to a specific part of my story.


H.A. Titus:
WIP Title: Forged Steel
Current Word Count: 34,598
Expected Word Count: 70,000
Goal Finish Date: October 30th
Draft 1, 2, Editing etc?: 3rd Draft Editing

Biggest Struggle: finding the time

Biggest Success/Encouragement: I got a full manuscript request!

Link to share: kriswrites.com. This gal’s business blog is a must read for authors

Note take habits: I always have my iPhone and a notebook with me. If I just need to make a quick note about something, I use my phone Evernote app. I like that because I can put tags on a note that let’s me easily find what story it’s for later on.

I use a notebook for all my brainstorming/mind mapping/plotting, which can happen at any time. It’s not unusual for me to be out with a group of friends and suddenly pull out my notebook and start scribbling.

Ren_smalRen Black:

Title: Secrets of the Dragon Seal
Condition: Revisions
Current Word Count: 6,000

Latest Family Crisis: We are renters, and this month brought a number of changes and uncertainties on that front, not the least being that the Rental Manager was fired. To make a long story short, it led to serious cleaning and dejunking. I spent yesterday manning a booth at a community yardsale. (without sunscreen or water I might add… not so smart). Then we followed the prevelant fashion of making a Goodwill donation afterwards of five or so boxes of stuff. There’s more to do, but it definitely made a dent.

Biggest success: …um… I think I found a new family on my pedigree chart – 6 generations back I think.

… oh, in writing? … um… er…

Note-Taking Habits: I have Liquid Story Binder and my stuff is slightly scattered across numerous programs, random spiral notebooks and whatever I have handy. I am trying to focus on digital forms in favor of easier orginization but I seem to love the physical writing with pen/pencil. I have a composition notebook for each novel and I use those liberally. I mostly do writing but sometimes draw stuff. However, though I may be an “artist” my little sketches are rarely good enough for me to share.


Timothy C. Ward

Title: Kaimerus
Condition: Pre-editor Polish
Current Word Count: 109,316
Total Word Count: 109,316
Projected finish: Oct. 1

Biggest struggle: Since taking over Adventures in SciFi Publishing, I saw an increase in views over three months and then a drastic drop-off. I don’t know why and it’s taking more confidence than I would like out of my reserves. I don’t want to put too much into it, partly because I am and am seeing negative returns. Blogging is such a hard target to nail, and it’s frustrating.

Biggest Success/Encouragement:

I’m pretty happy with where my novel is with it ready to send the editor. I’m excited to see how it will improve and that I have so many awesome options of places to submit it when it’s ready.

Link to share: The editor I picked for my novel this time around: www.joshuaessoe.com

Tell us a little about your note-taking habits are. Anything from notebooks to Word to Evernote. I often don’t look at them again once I start the draft, and then redo them during the next draft to keep everything current.

Kristen Stieffel:

Boh’s Abdication
Current Word Count: 85,345
Expected Word Count 100,000
Goal Finish Date: Feb. 25, 2013
Draft 1, 2, Editing etc? First Draft

Biggest Struggle: I have now reached the part of the story where I don’t know what happens next…

Biggest Encouragement: I collected this rejection on Hope and Pride:

Your writing is really very strong, and you have a unique voice. Unfortunately, because of the size of Tyndale’s fiction line, we’re only able to take on a very limited number of new authors each year, and I didn’t quite feel that your story had a strong enough hook to really help it stand out.

Just getting a ms request from a big house like Tyndale was encouraging. To get this kind of positive rejection is a bonus.

Link: How do I remove rust stains from clothes?

This has nothing to do with SpecFic or writing, but it saved me some grief this week. I am really grateful not to have relegated my favorite shirt to “grubby” status. The tip about using lemon juice and salt to remove rust totally worked, even though the stained shirt had been through the dryer.

Note-taking: Evernote. I have both the iPad app and the desktop app. Sometimes I break out paper and pen for the kinesthetic joy of it, but generally I use Evernote. https://evernote.com/

Ralene Burke:

Title: Aletheia
Stage: 2nd Draft/Revisions
Current Word Count: 37,380
Target Word Count: 85,000
Projected Finish: Oct 31st

Biggest Struggle: Balance is always a struggle. But I’m also leading my dread of rewriting the end of the novel help with my procrastination.

Biggest Success/Encouragement: Went to ACFW conference and got 2 requests for fulls! This gives me the motivation to rewrite that ending pronto!

Note-taking habits: I’ve been using OneNote to keep track of random notes, but with my next book, I’m going to give Scrivener a try. I also tend to take notes by hand, depending on the kind of notes.

Will Ramirez:
Sky Calling
1st Draft
Current word count: 60,000
Total word count: 100,000
Finish date: November 30th

Biggest Struggle: Finding time to write while moving into our new home.

Biggest Success/Encouragement: My writing plans were a bit on hold the last six months due to trying to find a new home. With the move finally complete, and the unpacking almost finished, I’m excited to get back to business.

Link to share: http://www.stephenlawhead.com/  One of my favorite authors, writes both Fantasy and Historicals.

Note-Taking Habits:

Originally, I carried a tiny spiral notepad with me everywhere I went. Since my wife got me a laptop for writing, most of my notes go there. If I’m away from my laptop or an idea hits me while driving, I use my phone’s voice recorder at the earliest possible moment. Since my own toddler laughs at any attempt on my part to draw, it’s just words.

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