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WIP Report for September 2013

NAF WIP Sep 2013

Avily Jerome:

Author Name: Avily Jerome
WIP Title: The Days of Noah
Current Word Count: 80,000
Expected Word Count: 85,000
Goal Finish Date: Nov. 1
Draft 1, 2, Editing etc?: Editing

Biggest Struggle: Finding time to write

Biggest Success/Encouragement: I love my story. I keep uncovering new nuggets and details and twists. I’m excited to see how it all turns out.

Link to share: Really interesting article http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2008/10/20/081020fa_fact_gladwell?currentPage=1

Who’s your favorite Character in your WIP and why?: One of the antagonists, because he has layers I didn’t know were there.

And for fun, what’s their biggest Pet Peeve, if applicable: He hates when my MC doesn’t understand things.

H.A. Titus:
WIP Title: Darkglass
Current Word Count: 3,465
Expected Word Count: 17,000
Goal Finish Date: November 15th
Draft 1, 2, Editing etc?: 1st draft

Biggest Struggle: Finding time to write

Biggest Success/Encouragement: The little one is getting the idea of napping on his own, which frees me up to write

Who’s your favorite Character in your WIP and why?: The MC’s bodyguard, Torfre. He’s the first character I’ve ever written who fights with a short spear, which, it turns out, is pretty cool.

And for fun, what’s their biggest Pet Peeve, if applicable: Disorder. Torfre is slightly OCD. 🙂

Ren_smalRen Black:

Title: Secrets of the Dragon Seal
Condition: Revisions
Current Word Count: 6,000

Current Writing Impediment: My latest “obsession” is actually family history. Loved it in college and just recently got back in and it sort of took over…

Biggest success: However, before that, I finally made some actual progress on revisions of Dragon Seal. I’ve started tackling the scene at Tran’s house right before Cat goes to save Jer and happens to burn the house down. Wait, maybe that was the other way around and just happens to save Jer on the way.

The other thing I finally pulled off was a complete, plausible, outline for Murder of a Mindreader – the biggest pivotal sequence of Ezra’s backstory. However, I may not actually write it…  If I did, it would be by far the darkest story I have. The outline reads like a Horror/Thriller set in Fantasy. After my Husband read the outline, his first comment was “You know what happens now, so you don’t actually need to write it.”

I feel it is a strong storyline with crazy tension but it is very dark and sad so we’ll see.

My Favorite Character: Well, Cat’s the funnest to write. Between his sarcasm and pessimism he’s great in arguments, particularly anything political. However he has a number of hidden layers that creates a wildcard effect because he’s willing to run off on crazy stunts and not care if he dies. Thus is how I get into fun, tense sequences like burning down the house and how he pulls a knife on my heroine (and she thought he was her friend, shesh!) and nearly killing them all because of his own agenda.

Pet peeve – Manipulative, hypocritical nobles/leaders and the systems that allow them to thrive.


Timothy C. Ward

Title: Kaimerus
Condition: 6th Draft editing
Current Word Count: 53,181
Total Word Count: 113,451
Projected finish: Oct. 1

Biggest struggle: confidence. I started a new story a few weeks back that I thought had a much better voice, and almost (not really) trunked my novel as a learning experience.

Exciting news: a beta reader has come out of nowhere and really helped me improve Kaimerus. I was at 61% and he made me go back to the beginning (for him), but the changes he suggested (minor, character stuff) has really increased my confidence. I got a new blurb from Bruce, Mr. Magical Realism, Taylor about my short story “Cornhusker: Demon Gene.” He “got a kick out of it,” and says, “Sharp and smart, Tim Ward is a writer to watch.” On top of that, I hired my top choice editor to look at what I hope will already be a very polished draft of Kaimerus in October. And even on top of that, a prominent agent recently told me he’d love to read my book. I had been thinking of self pubbing before that, but this is too good to pass up.

Random linkage: You can hear said agent in a podcast interview at Adventures in SciFi Publishing, Episode 228

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