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Why I Write – Part 3

I write because it’s who I am. I write because my stories are the kind I’d like to read.

But ultimately I write to glorify God.

Now there’s a phrase that concocts a host of differing ideas in people’s minds. Some mean they write because God called them to. Some mean their stories are God-given. Others mean they write for an audience of One. I guess there’s a bit of all those in my mind.

I didn’t approach my writing career casually. I spent a lot of time praying about it alone and with my wife. I received a lot of encouragement from my Bible reading about my writing career. So, I do feel this is something I’m supposed to do.

I also hope my stories are God-given. I won’t pretend that I created my brain with all of its nuances and ideas. I won’t claim that I breathed life into my soul, thus giving me a personality that enjoys dreaming up creative stories.

And while I hope much more than an audience of One reads my books, I do know that I will stand before God someday and give an account for what I did with the time, talents, and tasks He gave me. I would never want to present a book to Him (or a publisher) that wasn’t the result of my hardest work, diligent effort, and perseverance. Colossians 3:23 states, “And whatever you do, do heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.” My goal is to present every story I write to Him in such a way that makes Him smile. That makes people think He’s amazing in His creative ability and power.


And yet, I don’t think any of these quite encapsulates what I mean what I say I write to glorify God. Revelation 4:11 states, “You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for you have created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.” 

God created me for a purpose. To have a relationship with Him. Doing that brings a smile to His face because then I am doing what I was created to do.

When He gives me a skill or task in life, and then I use it in a way that reflects my genuine love for Him, it touches His heart.

Why do I write? Because I love my Jesus 🙂 I could never earn His favor. Nor could I ever deserve or repay His love. But producing the very best story I possibly can is one small thing I can lay at His feet and say, “Here, Lord. This is for You.”


About Will Ramirez

Will Ramirez grew up with a love for God's Word and fantastical worlds. The first passion led him to pastor Calvary Chapel Lighthouse for the the last 17 years. The second led him to create the world of Adme, the setting for his coming debut novel, an epic fantasy titled Soul Yearning. He lives in Central Florida with his bride of seventeen years and their four children. Since 2010, he's been a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers and serves on the leadership team of Word Weavers of Orlando. He is currently working on the second book of the Godslayer series as well as The Unspoken, book one of a dark fantasy trilogy. In the land of Adme, powerful beings rule as deities and compete with one another for followers. But when a young priest is revealed as the prophesied godslayer, the pantheon unites to destroy him.

One comment on “Why I Write – Part 3

  1. Amen, brother!

    So much of my writing surprises even me, that I can’t help but suspect He has a very active role in bringing it about. So when I think about my time spent writing, I often picture that He is there enjoying Himself, feeding me ideas and details, weaving His unique fingerprint into it. It is a shared activity, and one we both enjoy.

    Love hearing how you describe your approach to writing for His glory. It’s such a personal thing, and it’s wonderful to hear the variety of ways He works. Like it says in 1 Corinthians, there’s a variety of operations but the same Spirit behind it all.

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