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A Day in Ren’s Life

Rens DeskTo say I’m a morning person would be a blatant lie. As to schedules and consistency, I’m still working on the mantra, “schedules are my friend.”

“Work day” doesn’t exist in my reality. As a Homeschooling mother of five kids under ten my world is daycare, medic, teacher, taxi, cook and maid all dumped into a blender and pulsed a couple times. Sometimes you get chunks of this or that, but mostly it’s just life ala puree.

So around 12:01 am you might very well find me at my computer.

If cockroaches invade my personal space (any place visible from my desk) and my Husband isn’t around to kill it, I retreat upstairs and lock myself in the bathroom with my iPad. Dropbox has been priceless.

Eventually I go and curl up next to my Husband in bed.

However for the past two weeks or so I have made a particular effort to go to bed earlier because the alarm has gone off about 6:45-7:15. By that point my Husband has gone to work and my two youngest kids have taken his place.

I break out the homemade granola and turn on Good Morning by Mandissa. We use wireless speakers in the kids rooms to help them sleep and wake them up. You just plug in the ipod and choose the type of music.

Musical2013At 8:30 I chase (or drag) my five kids out to the car and we drive to a friend’s house who put together a Musical Drama Camp. Between that and swim team practice for my oldest, I send the morning driving, painting scenery, making cardboard props or helping wrangle twenty-five kids under the age of eleven.

After lunch it’s chore time. If the kids finish their work they have a chance to do some gaming or a show while I prep dinner. About once a week we’ve done swim meets from about 5:30 to 9 pm. By the time Hubby gets home and we’ve had dinner (not necessarily in that order) evening is well underway. We have family scripture reading and prayer then head the kids to bed. Bedtime is often a bit too much like wack-a-mole when you’re tired.

The youngest lingers while I pick at this and that project.

Granted the camp is only for the two weeks but this is basically my life. So when do I write? Outside of after the kids’ bedtime, it’s simply time that I can “sneak away”.

With my iPad I try to work on things here and there whenever things are momentarily quiet, but at least lately I haven’t had any major stints.

My desk is in a room right next to the dining room defended only by a gate that everyone but the youngest can open. She usually doesn’t need to simply because the others leave it open. Thus I have little protection from numerous interruptions.

Lately I’ve just been handed down my Husband’s desktop computer so I’ve been organizing stuff and transferring files from my flaky laptop. Again, thank you Dropbox.

In the time I do have, I’ve spent on my most recent WIPs:

  • Working on the 1st drafts of Dragon City & Joy Ride
  • Continuing rewriting/revising Jeweler’s Son
  • Watching photoshop tutorials to take my art digital
  • Building a model of my book setting, Hall of Masters, in Minecraft (it’s basically a domed “forest” beneath an inland sea, accessed by a spiral stairway)



About Ren Black

Part-time novelist. Weekend artist. Full-time Mother. Ex-poet. Perfectionist by training. Compulsive researcher sporadically. Prone to fits of linguistic commentary Unorthodox Renegade occasionally. Sarcastic by habit... Dreamer Always... Consider Yourself Warned

One comment on “A Day in Ren’s Life

  1. Drama camp sounds like so much fun. Victoria would love something like that. Glad your crazy summer is going well.

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