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WIP Report for June 2013

NAF WIP June 2013
Admittedly very belated, but we have some hard-working writers here well worth acknowledgment.

Avily Jerome:

The Days of Noah
34,933 words
New end date 6/31
(Yeah, I keep moving it back every month. Sigh.)

Kristen Stieffel:

Title: Hope and Pride
Condition: Editing
Current Word Count: 108,000
Projected Total: 110,000
Projected Finish: Sometime this year

Biggest encouragement: At our local ACFW chapter meeting, I led a well-received panel discussion about how to write a synopsis. Everyone, including the panelists, seemed to enjoy it.

Biggest discouragement: In writing a nonfiction e-booklet to offer as a promotional item on my website, I continually feel as if I am squeezing blood from a brick. It’s almost worse than news writing.

Why I’m still encouraged: Newsroom discipline turns out to be good training for this sort of thing.

Quick link: Totally blatant plug for Mary E. Hall, who did the maps for my book and Will’s: http://mapsforbooks.com/

Ralene Burke:

Title: Aletheia
Stage: 2nd Draft/Revisions
Current Word Count: 30,000
Target Word Count: 90,000
Projected Finish: June 30th

Biggest Encouragement: I made the semi-final round in the ACFW Genesis contest–Top 10, baby! I hope it means that I’m headed in the right direction. Now I just have to wait until mid-June to find out if I made the finals. *biting nails*

Biggest Discouragement: I’m still struggling to find balance between editing for clients and working on my own writing. I know that it takes time, and as my business increases, then I’ll have to continue to tweak my time.

Ren_smalRen Black:

Title: Secrets of the Dragon Seal
Condition: Revisions
Current Word Count: 4,500

Biggest encouragement: The Conference I attended was wonderful, with a fire hose of information and an abundance of lovable characters. (their story characters are pretty fascinating and entertaining too!) Maybe one of the more encouraging things is when you mention a secondary project and someone excitedly asks, “And when will that one be out?”

Biggest discouragement: A month on the road is a long and busy process. Although it would be nice to envision myself writing away on my iPad on the long car trips, alas it’s but a dream. Between snack demands from kids, movies on the built in DVD player and my Husband’s taste for podcasts, I can’t say I got much written.

Why I’m still encouraged: I’m back home now, with a ton of notes and I even unexpectedly find myself with a “new” desktop computer and desk.

Nathanael Scott:

Working title: Rise of the Comets
Status: rewrite
Current word count: 45k
Estimated end word count: 65k
Estimated completion date: this year (if I can stay focused on one project)

Biggest encouragement: Got past a large plot hole I’m this document

Biggest discouragement: work and studying is still taking a lot of writing time from me and other works in progress still distract me.

Why I’m still encouraged: Art is art and I’m still creating.

Timothy C. Ward

Title: Kaimerus
Condition: 5th Draft editing – Complete!
Current Word Count: 125,000
Total Word Count: 125,000
Projected finish: Finished On Time, woot!

Encouragement: I can write a book three times and keep getting better as daunting problems say I can’t.

Discouragement: only sold 12 copies of my short story, Cornhusker: Demon Gene.

Links: My blog post on finishing Kaimerus http://timothycward.com/2013/06/03/an-authors-two-favorite-words-the-end/

Will Ramirez:
Sky Calling
1st Draft
Current word count: 26,000
Total word count: 105,000
Finish date: August 30th

Biggest Encouragement: Finally getting into a regular rhythm of writing again. Not everyday, but close.

Biggest Discouragement: Still trying to find a house. We’ve lost 3 homes now, so it’s been a definite stretching experience. Constantly looking at homes is draining and it’s definitely cut into my writing energy.


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One comment on “WIP Report for June 2013

  1. Update on Hope and Pride: I finally took Robynn Tolbert’s advice and called it done at 108k. I felt like there were some bits I wanted to add, but she’s right — they’re not necessary. Several other beta readers after Robynn brought up only minor issues in their critiques. So I’ve decided to stop fiddling and let the professionals have at it. It’s now been submitted to one editor and a contest, and soon will be on its way to two more editors who asked for pages.

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