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Outlook and Little Things

It’s the little things in life that get you, I assure you. They build up over time gradually, stressing me out until I feel ready to explode, unless I let it out along the way. Funny thing is, the same goes for the good things, especially if I notice them.

More and more it seems God has been showing me just how near He is and how He is a good Father and loves to give His children good things if we ask. My relationship with Him has been deepening in a way I can actually notice over the last several months and it’s kind of cool. He just shows me how totally awesome and loving and forgiving and just He is and I love it. He keeps His promises, He looks out for us.
He also tests and disciplines us, and from what I have seen, testing never comes on a good day. Then again, maybe it is a good day and I just didn’t notice. Because that’s another thing I’ve been discovering. My outlook on life and the day really does affect how it goes. The thing I’ve learned though is that if I talk to Him during each moment, just letting out my frustration and begging for help and patience and peace, He does give it to me. Unfortunately it seems that the more I learn, the more I’m tested…but there I go again with that negative outlook. 😛
Sometimes it surprises me how crazy and ridiculous my thoughts can be and how often I fall back into sin. But I have a great Savior. 🙂
I do want to qualify something. I’m not into the whole happy outlook mindset will give you a good life. There are times and places for all ranges of emotions, and life is hard. I’m just trying to keep a Kingdom mindset-remembering what’s coming.
Anyway, that’s been the main thread of my thoughts over the past day or so; hope they can be of some encouragment or insight to you, and may the blessing of the Father be upon you.


About Nathanael Scott

Nathanael Scott has been an enthusiastic reader of a variety of genres for as far back as he can remember, his favorite being science fiction. He uses writing to let loose his imagination in a way that glorifies God and benefits others. If you can’t get hold of him, he’s probably in outer space piloting a starfighter on a mission to save your life. He is the author of Though Storms May Rage, a sci-fi novel that is currently in revision.

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