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WIP Report for May 2013

NAF WIP May 2013


Will Ramirez:

Author: Will Ramirez
WIP: Sky Calling
Target Word count: 100,000
Current Word count: 21,000
Goal date to finish: August 30, 2013

Draft/ editing version: 1st Draft

Toughest challenge you’ve faced this month: Getting back into the swing of first draft writing after focusing so much on editing lately.

Biggest Encouragements: Getting my package sent off to OakTara!

Kristen Stieffel:

Author: Kristen Stieffel
WIP: Alara’s Call
Target Word count: 99,000
Current Word count: 98,913
Finish date: April 19
Draft/editing version: FINAL

Toughest challenge you’ve faced this month: I took over the production of our church newsletter. Scheduling that around writing and my coaching work was difficult, mainly because this was my first month working on the newsletter.
Biggest Encouragements: I turned in the ms to my publisher! 🙂
Suggested links: http://mapsforbooks.com/

— Mary E. Hall, author of Amberly, (newauthors.wordpress.com/2012/09/27/interview-mary-elizabeth-hall-author-of-amberly/) is also an artist. She did the map for her own book and is now working on maps for others as well, including mine and Will’s. She is great to work with.

Ralene Burke:

Author: Ralene
WIP: Aletheia
Target Word count: 90,000
Current Word count: 28,200
Goal date to finish: May 31st.
Draft/ editing version: 2nd Draft
Toughest challenge you’ve faced this month: Allergies! I’m not one to write when I don’t feel well, and this month has been just awful!

Biggest Encouragements: Despite everything, I made some progress!

Ren Black:
Title: Secrets of the Dragon Seal
Condition: Draft #… um, more than I care to count
Current Word Count: 3,000
Projected Total: same
Projected Finish: misplaced

Biggest discouragement: Chaos has taken up entrenched residence here as we prepare for a month-long trip, which includes my Writers Conference. We leave tomorrow morning (note: I’m writing this Friday and will schedule it so by the time you read this I’ll probably have left). You’d think I’d get lots of typing on the road, but seriously, between the kid cartoons next to my ears, endless requests for my help/attention (yes, ‘requests’ probably isn’t the right word, but anyone who’s ridden in a car with five kids under 10 knows what I mean) and my own car sickness… well, hope springeth eternally, right?

Biggest encouragement: Deadlines.

I have 10 pages of the new opening pieced together. I’m supposed to have 15 to submit for slaughter… er… review the first day of the Conference.

Timothy C. Ward

WIP: Kaimerus
Target Word count: 130,000
Current Word count: 100,000
Goal date to finish: 7/1/2013

Draft/ editing version: Fifth Draft revision

Toughest challenge you’ve faced this month: Thought I lost my job, then was just moved to different account. Picking up the pieces and trying to get back into novel edits.

Biggest Encouragements: Cut my novelette, Cornhusker: Demon Gene from 8k to 4700 words in prep of it’s publication in Monsters! Anthology and self pubbing as ebook. Learning to say no and lighten my workload and accepting God’s plan, however slow it may seem.
Suggested links: adventuresinscifipublishing.com has been and will be publishing podcast interviews I did.

About Ren Black

Part-time novelist. Weekend artist. Full-time Mother. Ex-poet. Perfectionist by training. Compulsive researcher sporadically. Prone to fits of linguistic commentary Unorthodox Renegade occasionally. Sarcastic by habit... Dreamer Always... Consider Yourself Warned

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