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WIP Report for April 2013

NAF WIP April 2013
This month, in addition to the chart and written comments from our authors, Tim Ward helped us create our first ever NAF podcast. We had a partial crew of Tim, Will, Avily, Kristen and Ren all giving intros and talking about how things have been going, including some two very exciting bits of news! Go check it out!

Our plan is to try to do a similar, informal recording each month. Hopefully next time we can hear from some of the others too! Watch for it.

Avily Jerome:

Title: The Days of Noah
Draft: First
Current Word Count: 18,000
Target Word Count: 90,000
Target Complete Date: May 31

Biggest encouragement this month: Getting into a flow with the Splickety Magazine blog and seeing that project come together and take flight.

Biggest discouragement: Trying to juggle everything and find time to fit in writing on top of everything else.

Why I’m still encouraged: I’m seeing the fruits of my labors and the pieces of different projects starting to come together.

Kristen Stieffel:

Title: Alara’s Call
Condition: Nearly final edit
Current Word Count: 99,275
Target Word Count: 99,000
Finish Date: April 1

Biggest encouragement this month: Working with Mary Hall on the map for my book. Every time I get an e-mail from her with more details added to the map, I get goosebumps. It’s like the whole thing is really becoming real. We had a lot of fun with the map. The coastline is based on the region where I grew up. There’s a port city that’s briefly mentioned in the book but not named, and Mary urged me to name it, so now it’s “Port Kingston,” after my grandfather.

Biggest discouragement: To finish the edits on Alara’s Call, I had to almost totally set aside critiquing, even though my critique partners gave me some really useful feedback on my contemporary novel Hope and Pride. So I want to get back to that ms and to hold up my end of the critique partnership — I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

Why I’m still encouraged: I pitched Hope and Pride to three editors at the Florida Christian Writers’ Conference, and they all asked for the proposal. So now that Alara’s Call is on its way, I can focus on that.

Quick link: Since I’m writing in multiple genres, I was pleased to see a really helpful and balanced article on the subject at The Bookshelf Muse: Juggling Genres…Brilliance or Pure Folly?

Ralene Burke:

Title: Aletheia
Condition: 2nd Draft
Current Word Count: 12,782
Total Word Count: 90,000
Project Finished: May 31, 2013

Biggest Discouragement: Finding balance. With editing as a job now, I have to balance my time between writing and editing. This, of course, takes time and tweaking, but I’ll get there.

Biggest Encouragement: My critique group read the end of my WIP, and they didn’t hate it! Since this is my first fantasy novel, that was a thrill. Granted, it was far from perfect, but at least it didn’t suck. 🙂

Links to share: My friend’s second novel releases on April 1st! I am honored to host the first giveaway of Morgan Busse’s Son of Truth on my blog!

Ren_smalRen Black:

Title: Secrets of the Dragon Seal
Condition: Revisions
Current Word Count: 1,500

Biggest encouragement: Pandora Radio. I’ve created several “channels” of writing worthy music of various speeds, including John Williams, Enya, Piano Guys, Lindsey Sterling and Lorenna McKennit.

The re-drafting of Dragon Seal’s opening is taking shape and I’m only a month from the conference I’m attending.

Biggest discouragement: I walk a tightrope of faith, while beneath me boils the fear that I’m just spinning my wheels and wandering blindly in circles. While the conference looms closer I’m left wondering what I have that I can confidently share if and when someone asks for a sample of my work. Once I’ve slated it for revision I lose confidence in previous drafts. They feels so lousy compared to my sparkly new vision of what it should be.

Why I’m still encouraged: Because I choose to be. I may not be destined for fame and “overnight success”, but I know that if I continue to improve and keep working, it is only a matter of time before I find space for me or make one.

Timothy C. Ward

Title: Kaimerus
Condition: 5th Draft editing
Current Word Count: 113,000
Total Word Count: 123,000
Projected finish: 5/3/13

Biggest discouragement this month: I start with the discouragement because finishing this draft has been very difficult. I’m approaching every scene trying to make each character, on and off the screen, as strong and wise as possible. On top of that, my mind-to-mind communication has to make technological sense, at least enough to be internally consistent and plotwise.

Biggest encouragement this month: I’m still going. I will rewrite the rest of the book. I made great progress for my goal and am still on track to be ready for Demicon May 3.

Link or shout out: Adventures in SciFi Publishing, my favorite podcast, has come on hard times and I’ve given them content that was going to run on my podcast. Stay tuned for some more ChiCon 7 panels, including my favorite, “Disaster Response in SF,” moderated by Myke Cole.

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