Homeschooling Twist on Fantasy Gaming

This week I tried something different with the kids and homeschooling. We did a fantasy adventure. It’s something I’ve thought about before but never got around to setting up until lately. I took some loose inspiration from role playing games, but without dice or battles (yet).

It played along something like this:
The kids knew a game was coming and I laid down strict rules that they weren’t to touch any of the props unless I said they could. Then I told them that there was something odd in the house that would start the adventure. After some searching they found a mysterious letter that said,
(the kids got to read it by themselves)
The kids loved the hint of danger.
We then took up the quest for the captured princess. She was hidden under a wash basin on top of our playset in the back yard. I had placed a wooden eagle on the basin and the way was guarded by a stuffed green monkey for the troll bridge.
Like on Dora, the troll gave each child a challenging question.
Since attacking the eagle would cause it to fly away with the princess, I let the kids discuss what to do. My oldest soon suggested luring the bird away with food which led to a discussion on what eagles eat.
20130330-220618.jpgI had a “fish pond” all ready with a fishy shower curtain and a jar of plastic fish. The kids had to create their own fishing pole.


Distracting the Great Eagle worked!

All in all the adventure worked out great and the kids were thrilled to have rescued the princess (a borrowed doll) and the kids are eagerly asking when we can do the next one. Who says school can’t be a fantasy adventure?
We had reading, counting, a bit of internet research, geography, science, problem solving and crafts!
They’ve been putting in requests for next time. Apparently they want magic and my son wants something to fight. Wonder how much of a beating our stuffed animals can take…


The rescued Princess!


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4 comments on “Homeschooling Twist on Fantasy Gaming

  1. I loved that! I always have to come up with new and interesting ideas for my little homeschooler.

  2. That’s a fantastic idea! I love it! Even though I don’t homeschool, it’s probably something I’ll try to do with my kids.

  3. That is an awesome idea! My kids are a bit young for that, so we built a little city out of Legos and rolled dice to see what would happen as their guys walked through it. They loved it.

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