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The Adventure of a Stubborn Dream

20130301-223600.jpgYesterday I enjoyed a nice spell working in my garden. We have totally rebuilt two grow boxes and I had just indulged myself with a visit to the plant nursery.

Anyone who remembers my post about “Too Much Thyme” would be proud of my restraint this time. Everything I bought fit in the open box, with even a little room left for seeds. However no, I didn’t even bother reading “recommended spacing”. Last time they never got big enough to be an issue so I figure “survival of the fittest” will do plenty of thinning.

Meanwhile, anyone impressed by the nice pictures could note the years of silence about my garden successes, because there hasn’t been any since that first batch was baked by the Texas sun and slaughtered by an infestation of squash bugs. The real test is what it looks like by June.

The only plants that survived were the comfrey and mint pictured here. First because they don’t appeal to the bugs and second, the two plants have a reputation for being those impossible-to-kill type weeds.
Last year I didn’t even try vegetables. I simply focused on watering those.

I swear I have killed more plants than most of my peers have ever tried to grow. Although I had nothing to do with the zucchini start that mysteriously vanished years ago. Last theory was that a magpie stole it.

And yet despite my knack for killing plants I still dream of a lush, productive garden. I’m a fond believer in stubborn dreams and defying odds. Either that or just a glutton for disappointment.

So this year we redesigned the boxes. My Husband is trying out a drip irrigation system as evidenced by the black tubes, and I have heard lots of praise to the necessity of mulch so I picked up a bag.

It all started off so great, as spring does. Even the kids were very excited about helping out and getting to plant some of the small starts. By the time we ran out of plants and room for seeds dinner had been long delayed and evening was coming.

However apparently somebody doesn’t know when to quit… or something… my outside faucet refused to let it end. No matter how much you turned, it wouldn’t turn off.

Although, I must say it was hilarious when I asked my Husband to turn it off, knowing that he probably couldn’t.

What can I say? I’m a writer. We prefer to show instead of tell.*snicker*

Not long after I had overwatered everything I could think worth watering (including having my son lug buckets of it to the plants in the front yard), my dripping Husband had confirmed for himself that the faucet was beyond repair or red neck jerry-rigging.

So he sped off on his moped to the hardware store. If you have seen Veggie Tale’s Rumor Weed, just envision when Alfred rushes off on his scooter to save Larry Boy.

Meanwhile my kids are the making the most of it in a homeschool lesson on flash floods.

Yep, I gotta say that although as to my dream of a successful garden this time around, only time will tell, but moments like this are priceless. As they say, joy in the journey!


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Part-time novelist. Weekend artist. Full-time Mother. Ex-poet. Perfectionist by training. Compulsive researcher sporadically. Prone to fits of linguistic commentary Unorthodox Renegade occasionally. Sarcastic by habit... Dreamer Always... Consider Yourself Warned

One comment on “The Adventure of a Stubborn Dream

  1. Good Luck! I am jealous you get to start planting already. We still have about a month. The boxes look amazing.

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