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Gift-Wrapping Tips

giftI like wrapping presents. I even enjoy a good challenge. As a teen my Mom would give me all the really odd-shaped gifts to wrap.

However, at Christmas time, after the twentieth or so present it gets a bit monotonous. As Christmas Eve looms closer and I scowl at my stack to wrap, I’m definitely a believer in quick and easy methods. I also wouldn’t miss the shredded giftwrap covering the floor  Christmas Day.

At least for my family, I like reusable and cheap.

So, a few ideas of other wrap jobs.

Pillowcases – Love these, quick, easy and fits lots of clothes for growing kids (or the last few gifts when you’re ready to go to bed). Tie it shut with ribbon, attach a tag and you’re done.

Comics – This year we’re doing a bunch of these. Colored and cute, but after they’ve been read, they just sit around or get thrown away.

Mail packaging – leave mailed packages or boxes sealed, you can dress up with ribbon and/or a bow easily to fit in under the tree just fine

Tin foil – festive in it’s own way

Big items can still be shrouded in a bed sheet or table cloth

Reusable/cloth shopping bags can be used instead of paper gift bags

those up for a little sewing, simple cloth bags can be durable, reusable and great padding when packing Christmas decor away – I’ve been trying to make a couple of these a year and slowly building up a supply without burning myself out

photo(8)Reusable wrapped box – wrap a sturdy box so that it can open and be reused year after year. Shoeboxes work great for this. I use double sided tape and packing tape, then ribbon to tie it shut (great boxes to protect more fragile items during storage)

Tissue paper can be cheap and useful though a bit thin and transparent. I usually will put the gift in a white plastic grocery bag, then use a decorative tissue paper

Sometimes an item just isn’t worth wrapping. It’s too big or obvious. Even then, a simple ribbon and/or bow can be an easy way to mark it as special and magical.

Beyond bows – other fun things to decorate presents with.

  • flowers
  • Bells (cheap, but kids love them)
  • a cute ornament that becomes part of the gift
  • tie on a candy bar or pack of gum
  • Tulle or a bead garland can be a fun ribbon variation
  • for the ambitious, there are many money origami tutorials out there. Even a couple $1s can double as decor and part of the gift

This concludes our Helpful Hints feature. You may now return to wrapping! Good luck!


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One comment on “Gift-Wrapping Tips

  1. What a timely and hilarious thing. Apparently we think alike. Shawn and I wrapped a total of one present this year, and started a new tradition. I guess I’ll probably post a picture on my blog, but a few years ago we found these cute “12 Days of Christmas” nesting boxes. This year, we looked at the presents stacked before us at 11:00 at night and promptly decided two things. 1. We weren’t wrapping them. 2. We would actually give each child one present of their own and the rest were to be shared by all.
    So into the boxes they went. The kids were so excited! The stack was as tall as the tree :). They were content, and I didn’t feel like we were making Christmas into a “gimme-gimme” kind of holiday. Yay!

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