The Lure of Laziness

Yep, that's the toad muffin who scrapped my post.

Yep, that’s the toad muffin who scrapped my post.

Take two. I started this post Monday morning, only to have it sabotaged/erased by the smallest member of my clowder. This time I’m saving regularly. I have no idea if the post will be better or worse than I would have written earlier. Let’s hope better, although it’s feeling worse.

Attempting to distract myself from a growing Furby obsession, I settled in to read The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss over the weekend. That worked for about 12 hours, which is how long it took me to finish that particular 800 page book. Yes, I liked it.

What I didn’t like was how often I would pause in reading it and think, “Man, I should be doing that.”

TT: There was one little detail he put in I really wish I’d thought of for Star of Justice. Oh well.

We writers know that conflict makes a story and a hero. The greater the conflict, the greater the hero. Rothfuss has plenty of conflict in his book. The hero faces and overcomes enormous obstacles only to face bigger, worse obstacles on the other side. I was reminded more than once of Lemony Snickett’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. It exhausted me to read it, and it exhausted me to think about writing it.

Leave me alone. I don't want to write another plot complication.

Leave me alone. I don’t want to write another plot complication.

I know my heroes should have it rough. I know the only time good luck should play into the plot is when it lands on the villain’s side.

The Name of the Wind made me admit I’ve gotten lazy. I don’t want to have to think of the worst possible scenario. I don’t want to think of how to escape the worst possible scenario. I don’t want to almost give my heroes their desires just to snatch them away at the last moment. Haven’t they been through enough? I feel like I have.

That’s no way to write epic fantasy, though. My readers, and my characters, deserve better. So, I’m downing the Pomegranate Blueberry V8 Fusion and getting to work making Price of Justice as uncomfortable for me as it should be for my characters.

Patrick Rothfuss, and Miss Kitty, helped me see the hard way makes for a better story, although it may not make for a better blog post.

About Robynn Tolbert

Born in Kansas and born again at age six, Robynn has published two novels and started her third. Robynn, aka Ranunculus Turtle, lives in Kansas with a clowder of cats, a patient dog and a garden.

4 comments on “The Lure of Laziness

  1. You liked it? Liked. It.

    One. Of. The. Most. Amazing. Books. I’ve. Ever. Read.


    “Liked it.” Pfftt. 😛

  2. I gave it 5 stars on Goodreads. What more do you want? Sheesh.

    • How about a great big SQUUUUEEEEEEEEE!

      Just kidding. I know you are not the squeeing type. And I could tell from other comments, here and on FB, that you loved the book. But “liked it”…come on :P.

  3. I would think reading 800 pages in 12 hours would say something about my feelings…

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