Review: Hobbit Movie

New-Hobbit-PosterI’ve long been a big fan of Tolkien’s Middle Earth. My Dad read the Hobbit to us when we were just kids. I later read The Lord of Rings Trilogy and have watched the latest movies.

So it was a special treat when my Husband took me to an early showing of the Hobbit Thursday night. Yep, I admit it, that’s where I was instead of home writing my Friday blog post.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show. It had all the grand settings and dramatic cinematography of the The Lord of the Rings. The acting was great with familiar faces from the trilogy.

They took the time to linger over some great moments out of the book that sometimes get cut for time sake. They had both the Misty Mountain song and even the song about all the things Bilbo Baggins Hates. They did a good job on them too, in my opinion.

I was caught off guard with the time they invested in the opening with all the dwarves staying at Bilbo’s house, largely because I assumed that it would be a one book, one movie deal.

It is most certainly not. I felt like it ended at about “halfway”, but others now tell me it’s supposed to be a 3 movie story! Surprising but it is possible considering the extra stuff that they added to the movie.

Granted it’s been a while since I read Hobbit so correct me if I’m wrong.

One thing is that they have a lot of foreshadowing that creates something of a prequel feeling.

They added a Council meeting in Rivendell to discuss signs of the times and what to do about them, complete with Saruman, Galadriel, Elrond and Gandalf. It did seem to portray Galadriel as very powerful among the group. You also get to meet one of the other wizards, the Woodsman, who comes warning of danger and aids the dwarves.

They don’t face Smaug in this movie so they create a powerful antagonist in a “pale orc” who leads the wolf riders. He hunts the dwarves, determined to behead the young dwarf king.

Although I like the movie, it was actually more violent than I expected. Some may argue that Lord of the Rings had more, but at least for me it felt more noticeable in Hobbit because they seemed to show more severed body parts and visually lingered or even highlighted such moments.

It definitely won’t be something I let my kids see anytime soon.

Another first for me was that this was my first 3D movie. (Well, unless you count that old Michael Jackson movie at Disney World) The Hobbit was certainly made for 3D effect. It has lots of things flying toward the screen and close scenery. Although it was interesting, for me it seemed a bit fuzzy and even disorientating at times. I doubt I’ll pay the extra price next time.

As the movie carried on I wasn’t sure if they were going to try and wrap it up until it hit a nice cliff hanger foreshadowing and I thought that it was very dramatic and perfect for an “to be continued” – so much that it would be weird to continue on with the show. I was right to, because that’s when the credits rolled.

So all in all I think they did a very impressive job and did a lot of fleshing out and even add-ons. So much that the beginning may feel a bit slow, especially to someone thinking they’re going to see the whole book in one setting. As I said, my biggest issue is the the violence, but otherwise, a show well worth seeing.



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3 comments on “Review: Hobbit Movie

  1. This version of The Hobbit is definitely not a kids’ movie, but I felt Jackson did a great job in matching the tone with LotR while still maintaining a fun, jolly level that kept the original spirit of the book. I didn’t mind the violence–seen worse–the biggest gripe I had was that the battle scenes seemed chaotic. Though I suppose I shouldn’t have expected a mob of dwarves to seem orderly in any way. 😉

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