Confessions a Christian geek

Hi, my name is Ken Newman and I am a geek. Worst than that, I am (gasp) a Christian geek. I have a deep love of God; however, since watching The Day the Earth Stood Still as a kid, I have been hopelessly hooked on sci-fi and fantasy. To this day, the sight of a sonic screwdriver, a flying saucer, or a guy in a rubber suit stomping Tokyo to rubble has me giggling like a school girl in the throes of her first Twilight Convention.

Sunrise from space

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Unfortunately, more often than not, mainstream sci-fi loves to portray Christians as misguided simpletons or raving maniacs ready to kill to cover up the “fact” that life is meaningless and we are alone. Over the years, this has been quite a stumbling block which got me thinking. How do I get my “fix” and not endure the bludgeoning of my faith? In a burst of inspiration, I rushed to my local Christian Book Store.

My eureka moment was short lived when I found that not only were Christian bookstores devoid of Christ-based sci-fi and fantasy–better known as Christian speculative fiction–the store employees were flabbergasted that any “true” Christian would want to read  speculative fiction or a story of any kind that didn’t include a an Amish woman.

I know this sounds strange, but I personally cannot understand why sci-fi or fantasy isn’t the predominate choice of fiction for someone born again. No way around it, to be a Christian is to believe in the reality of the supernatural. We know that there is more to the world around us than what we can perceive with our five senses. The scriptures are full of tales of action, danger, and yes, supernatural intrigue.  After all, there are talking snakes, fire from the sky, angels with flaming swords, seas parting, flying chariots of fire, men walking on water, a witch raising a dead priest… and so forth.

Aside from “guilt free” aspect, speculative fiction can also appeal to the secular reader as well. Solid, gripping stories with Godly heroes and heroines set in a Christian worldview don’t have to bash the reader over the head with the gospel in order to influence. Books that appeal to both the Christian and secular markets could show the true strength and character of Christians and our Divine wellspring of power. It is in this way, I feel, that we can plant a “seed” in those who would never darken the door of a church. Other than the fame and immense riches, this is why I chose to write Christian speculative fiction.

Author Ken NewmanKen Newman is the author of The Ark, a re-telling of Noah and the Great Flood. While keeping the gist of the story, it is set in a savage, Godless world that is as modern as our own. The story is an action-adventure with a definite sci-fi twist that entertains while honoring God.


4 comments on “Confessions a Christian geek

  1. Amen, brother! “Amish” fiction? Gag me with a spoon (sorry for those who love this, and there must be many judging by the sheer amount of it). Honestly, isn’t that done to death already?? Give me a TARDIS and the good Doctor any day over that. The reason I am writing my novel (historical fantasy) is because I could never find the book I wanted to read. I do feel like a fish out of water, though – as a female lover of fantasy, that is.

  2. Thanks, Ken, good points. Jesus told stories that people identified with. Appreciation for good tales must be encoded into our DNA, God made us to be that way. He is a story teller, the best. Don’t we write fiction because we are in His image, broken images of Him?

    Thanks again.

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